OpenID & You & Me

Ugh. Title-suckage. Sorry. Can I blame it on a chaotic week?

So Blogger have made that switch to OpenID support that I was talking about. For any of those of you on or Typepad (or LiveJournal or AOL/AIM) you can now use your identity from those platforms.

Alternatively, if you have a self-hosted blog, Simon Willison has easy to follow instructions to get yourself an OpenID which points at your own domain. So now, any comments I make on Blogger blogs will point back to my blog once more. Happy happy joy joy.

(Still can’t see the point of the ‘Nickname’, by the way. Since, essentially, it’s the same as Anonymous, why not get rid of the ‘Anon’ field. Surely commenters can just type ‘Anon’ in the space for a ‘Nickname’ if they don’t want to leave any identifying information?)

Edit: Oh *now* the official Blogger blog is talking. This exerpt particularly amuses me: “Ironically, our testing of OpenID, a feature that lets you use accounts from all over the web to comment on Blogger, made it appear that we were trying to force you into getting a Google Account. We regret this appearance, since we’re strong supporters of OpenID and open web standards in general.” Hmmmm.

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