So hi. Thought I’d better let you know where I am. I’ve been (and am still) busy over at my blog’s new home, getting things into order before I let you in the door 🙂

I may be some time – I’m manually going through all of my archives, making sure all of the images are in the one spot, and not lost in the giant ether somewhere, among other little tidying-up chores. I’ve been blogging since May of 2005, and so far I’m only up to March 2006! It is starting to move along a little bit quicker now though, mostly because sometime around then I got a bit more organized with my image categorization.

Meanwhile, in the non-virtual world, I’m battling an unpleasant post-viral sinus infection, which is making me all kinds of grumpy, so the two-week school holidays have been a bit of a bummer. Still, we’ve managed a little bit of this and that – some catching up with friends, a visit to ‘Circus Ringbarkus’, and a wee bit of home crafting, and there are still a few days left yet, so it’s not all a dead loss.

Anyway, hang about, amuse yourselves, I’ll be back soon (I hope) in my new digs.

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