What We Did


On the long weekend we went to Phillip Island.

We saw koalas and penguins.

It was very cold.

We all got sick.

The End.

4 responses to “What We Did

  1. Hmmm… hope you are all on the mend 🙂

  2. Oooh, I hope that you are feeling better now. We LOVED Phillip Island when we went. Got to see the little penguins do their nightly swim ashore and waddle to their little nests. Loved it.

  3. Sorry you are sick. Hope it does not linger for too long.

    I’d love to visit Phillip Island – maybe in the warmer weather though. I may have lived in Melbourne for 8 years now but my Queensland blood still rebels at the first sign of winter.

  4. Cute kids and cute koala!