Crossing the Line

Niamh climbed into bed with me this morning, and I’m pretty sure, though I was still fuzzy with sleep, that she said ‘Wuv You’ as she gave me my first cuddle of the day. Cue ‘Awwwww’ 🙂

I could end my tale there and keep that warm and fuzzy feeling going. But…

As I was getting dressed later, she pointed to my midsection and informed me ‘Mummy yat’. Now I’m not altogether 100% positive, but I’m pretty darn sure that ‘y’ was an ‘f’! I was mortified! It may be true, but hey! does one really want to hear it from one’s 2 year old?

Must they really learn to talk?!

(Oh well. Off to pick up Finn and then go ‘wopping’ at the ‘oopymarket’!)

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