Out of Uniform

Finn’s school had a dress-up day today to raise money for another local school recently damaged by fire. The theme was SUPERHEROES & CAREERS. I know. Weird combo. Don’t ask me.

Anyway, I spent yesterday on the sewing machine (pants, apron, super big toque) and today our little super hero went dressed as a chef. (Niamh decided to get in on the crazy hat action too :giggle: – told you she really liked it!)

I have another post lined up for you – almost as cute as this one – but I figure that you’d die of shock if I posted twice in one day… so you’ll just have to wait!

5 responses to “Out of Uniform

  1. They are adorable, think I have filled this mornings sugar quota now :D. I envy your skill with the sewing machine.

  2. I love Niamh’s tights! They match her crown.
    Great chef costume too!

  3. Great Costume Melanie,

    I didn’t notice at school, but noticed now, that Finn is even wearing chef’s pants. The hat looks like it was fun to make.

    I am hoping our kids will look back fondly on the costumes we made. At the moment, my kids think it is pretty normal for Mum to just whip something up.

  4. Tag, you’re it! (See my blog)

    Awesome chef’s costume! The kids are so cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. :topsy:

  5. Finn looks great as a chef! And I’m glad that Niamh still loves her royal vestments. 🙂