We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow…

Yep, I’m off to Melbourne zoo tomorrow – I’m helping out with the prep excursion. Keeping a bunch of exuberant 6 year olds in line would be, um, ‘fun’ at the best of times, but check this out:

Forecast for Monday
Rain in the morning, then showers with local hail to follow. Fresh to strong
southwesterly wind developing in the morning.

Precis: Showers. Windy.
City: Min 8 Max 12


Monday edit: Phew! Zoo trip cancelled, to be rescheduled soon. There were a lot of sad little faces, and I wouldn’t like to be the teachers keeping them inside all day!

Edit two: The cancellation, btw, pretty much guarantees that the weather will be okay after all! That Murphy bloke knew what he was on about :giggle:

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