So I picked up all these new readers recently (hi!), and the blog has been dead ever since. Sorry ’bout that. And now, when I finally get around to paying it a visit, it turns out all my images have gone AWOL. Crap. I’m really not sure what’s up with that – it seems like some issue with my Zenphoto/Wordpress plugin, but I’m too tired and stressed to figure out what right now. So we’ll carry on picture-less, for now, k? Appropriate, really, since I don’t actually have anything to show you today.

The last two weeks, and most especially, the last three days, have been shit. (I’m not going to apologise for the language, because you know what, I’m done apologising for now). I shouldn’t and won’t bring dirty family laundry to the blog, but sometimes, I’m acutely aware that the distance between my siblings and I is not purely geographical.

I’m tired. Weary. Over the drama.

But most of all. I’m wishing that I hadn’t spent the last 24 hours Googling ‘slapped cheek disease’ and ‘pregnancy’.

(And yes… you may now feel free to draw conclusions – the whole world seems to be finding out by accident anyway)

I think I might need a hug.

18 responses to “Blah

  1. Here you go {{{{{hugs}}}} And…congratulations? Did I interpret the last part of your post correctly?

  2. Families aren’t the easiest to deal with, I know that. Add to it a mix of crazy hormones (if I am assuming correctly, other people’s expectations and life changes and voila! Frustration abounds.

    I would give you a giant hug right now if I could. My belly gets in the way, but I would still give you a hug. I look forward to hearing more details on your little development as soon as you are willing to share.

    : )

  3. Oh, sweetie! Lots and lots of hugs for you. I’m sorry you are having such a rough time recently. You know I’m here to listen if you want to talk. {{{Melanie}}}

  4. ((((((BIG HUGS))))))

  5. Big hugs Melanie and ever bigger congratulations! Great and icky all mixed in together for you at the moment. Take care of yourself as much as you are able (and see you on Monday night to congratulate you in person?)

  6. Congrats!

    On the family thing, it sounds like it is a good thing that your family isn’t around the corner…

    Hope you are feeling ok x

  7. Shame man! So sorry. If it makes you feel any better, we all go through shit times like this.

  8. Biggggggggggggg hugs for you!

    Facebook msg me if you ever wanna chat about anything ever.

  9. Mel, congratulations!!! (Assuming I’m drawing the correct conclusion)

    Sorry to hear that your family is causing you problems. Many (((hugs))) coming your way!!

  10. {{{ Hugs }}} & Congratulations.

    I had a scare with slapped cheek while pregnant with Annie. Was rather upsetting.

  11. Melanie,
    Comiserations / Congratulations!
    We got the slapped cheek notice yesterday – was the case of it in Finns class?
    Thinking positive, healthy thoughts for you. Hope the lovely weather we have been having will help cheer you up.

  12. Sending big hugs your way! (((HUG)))

    Fully understand about family. That was one of the main reasons we moved where we are…to put distance between us and family. It has made things much easier to deal with. Still not easy, but a little better.

    Hope everything else gets better as well.

  13. Ah families…you can certainly have mine, if you want them…I don’t. Too much drama over nothing and I checked out a while ago. Don’t call them and they don’t contact me anymore. My life is perfect just as it is…just wish I could move far away and have that as another excuse!

  14. Big hugs and hopes for brighter days ahead.

  15. New(ish) reader still here and wanting to say Congratulations with the rest of ’em! I understand about the family, I think every one does. Not a lot you can do but take a deep breath and drown them out by screaming!!! 😆

  16. Just dropping by to leave you a big {{hug}} … and send you some big congrats on the news 😀

  17. Congratulations Mel, {{{HUGS}}}. AAAHHHH yes family, say no more. Mine aren’t all bad, but a couple like to ‘control/organise’ everything, just as well that I am a going along with almost anything sort a person.