Lost: One Centre of Gravity

Many of you know already (Facebook is the place to announce all the importancies of life these days, dontcha know?), but for those who don’t, let me tell you how I spent a few perfectly good hours last night.

In the emergency department, having my arm plastered.

Fun, no? Yep, instead of spending those few perfectly good hours at Brown Owls making tea lights like I was supposed to, I decided to take a detour straight off the chair I was standing on, and fracture a formerly perfectly good left wrist, which was (formerly) good at doing all that stuff like writing and stitching and driving – stuff I now won’t be doing for a good 6-8 weeks, give or take.


I’m having trouble coming up with a silver lining to this one, but I will say that hey, at least it wasn’t, say, my leg, and it’s definitely a good thing that Baby Three is unharmed (my overwhelming concern as I fell, and probably the reason I broke said wrist in the first place). In fact, Baby Three (s/he of no good nickname) spent the night partying, as I lay mostly not-sleeping (damn, casts are hard to sleep with).

Will be spending next 6-8 weeks berating self for stupidity of standing on chair when 19.5 weeks pregnant. And feeling thankful for wonderful friends who have come to the rescue of this currently no-car family (did I ever mention that Dermot can’t drive? Yeah, makes it just that much more fun :ouch: )

9 responses to “Lost: One Centre of Gravity

  1. Oh no! Kirsty mentioned last night that you’d injured yourself. Hope it all mends very soon and thank goodness bubba is all ok!

  2. Melanie you poor thing. Chin up, is all I can say.


  3. Oh No! Take care and I hope you have a very quick recovery 🙂

  4. 😮

    You are in a difficult spot.

    Coles Online are pretty good for grocery deliveries and my sister in law Linda highly recommends Safeway online also.

    Let me know if you need anything dropped off or someone to come over for a playdate seeing as you can get out for playdates.

  5. Thinking of you Mel & hoping that it’s all not too unbearable.

  6. Glad that the baby is okay, and that you have people around you that can help out. Take care {{{HUGS}}}

  7. Bum! I did see that on BookFace! And missed you at Brown Owls, you were supposed to be sitting right across from me!! 😛
    I’m not sure where you live, if you’re anywhere near me (is anyone???ha) happy to help with shopping and stuff.

  8. oh, and I tagged you for a meme on mah blawg.

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