This Boy

Finn's Birthday 2008

Is pretty great, actually 🙂 I still can’t quite work out where I misplaced the last six years, but just look at that – we have a six year old! Happy Birthday Mr Finn!

The last couple of school weeks were pretty full-on for the boy. He was thrust suddenly into the world of car-pooling after I broke my wrist; he was one of the narrators in the Prep end-of-year concert (amazing me with his stage confidence – such a different boy from way back then); sickness descended once twice more upon the Sugarlemon household; as did headlice (blech); mid-illness, we survived a whirlwind (early) birthday party (tenpin bowling again this year, since *someone* (cough) didn’t manage to book the swimming party in time); there was a flurry of excitement over a Student Achievement Award; two days were spent at this swish school learning Chess and geometry and other fun stuff; then finally there came the last day of school for 2008, which ended with a bit of a teary meltdown (as Claire can attest!) Not surprising, really. (Thankfully, Santa drove our bus on the way home, so all was restored.) Then came the anticipation and actuality of Christmas, which as always is a story unto itself.

(Actually, all of those should have been stories unto themselves, but as usual, I’ve been a bad blogger, and this is the seriously condensed version. With many parentheses.)

But today, finally, a day just for Finn. And it was pretty excellent. Low-key, just the four of us, but with the requisite amounts of sugar and fun, I think. Still transport-less (cast comes off in 5 days, hip hip hooray), we took a train into the city for: Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Myer Christmas windows, Madagascar 2, Sushi, Pork dumplings, and Max Brenner hot chocolate. Thoroughly exhausted, we staggered home, where Niamh and I had to sleep it off for a while. Later there was some of this, lots of this, an excellent round of this, then early fireworks (televised) for the kids, and finally, blessedly, they’re asleep, and I’m just trying to keep my eyes open until at least the first few seconds of 2009. Happy New Year, everyone 🙂

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