Green & Blue

Green & Blue… have been showing up in my Flickr Favorites a bit of late – along with complementary browns and hits of red.

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Green & Blue… have been showing up in my own sewing as well – probably as a result of the above.

Green & Blue… are how I’ve been feeling this past few days. For the record, I really Do. Not. Recommend getting Gastro when one is 37 weeks pregnant. Ugh.

6 responses to “Green & Blue

  1. 😮 Gastro! at 37 weeks! You have ALL my sympathies. Take care Melanie!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Melanie!! When’s your official due date again?

  3. I hope you can reach the toilet bowl over your stomach….

    (after 4 pregnancies, I know just how unwieldy things can get!)

  4. Ugh. I do hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Oh Melanie,

    I should have been lavishing more sympathy on you at school.

    Bizzarely – I got Gastro at 6 months preggo with Rory, and it started contractions. I needed a shot to settle my stomach and stop them.

    Perhaps gastro could have a good side if you are ready for labour to kick in….or maybe not.

  6. Hope that you feel better soon.