T Minus 5

…and counting.

Did you know I’m having a baby next week? In five days, actually (though I still haven’t completely given up on the “if not before” part of that).

Mostly, this pregnancy has been smoother than the other two, but it has had its moments. Opening gameplay with a scary high blood pressure reading (which ended up happening only the once) wasn’t a sterling way to begin. Breaking my wrist at 19 weeks wasn’t great either. Diagnosis (again) of gestational diabetes at week 27, and the really tricky time I’ve had getting on top of my blood sugars without insulin has been a bit of a bitch. (Though on the brighter side of that, I currently weigh 7kg less than I did at week 0, and I’m not sure what I’ll have to wear at all, post-birth). But the worst really has been this last several days. That gastro I mentioned last post? Well it just wouldn’t stay gone – I’ve been up and down for two weeks now, and my energy is pretty much sapped. I’m currently waiting on pathology results to see if something can be done about this before the big arrival, but as things stand at the moment (and I’m trying hard not to introduce the gory details), a second VBAC is looking pretty unlikely for me. So from his mother’s womb untimely ripped it will be for my second boy as well. At this point, I think I’ll welcome the moment.

Have a happy, chocolate filled Easter for me, would you? I have another day or so without the kids (they’re off camping with their grandad and lots of other family) – my one Easter wish is that I get to spend more of that time on the couch or in bed than in the bathroom. :ill:

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