And not of the crafty kind. Providing mounting evidence that he is cut from the same cloth as his clumsy mother, Finn took a fall at swimming last night and split his chin open. Sheesh!

Picture after the break – don’t worry, it’s not too vile, I’m just protecting the sqeamish 🙂

Ewwww! (But not that bad, really, it could have been much worse. He fell onto the metal edge of the diving block).

So it was that we spent an hour yesterday evening in a 24-hour bulk-billing clinic (for the non-Aussies, this means free, and therefore absolutely stuffed with people. Sick people!) in a suburb known to have cases of swine flu. Awesome!

Don’t get me wrong. I think there is an awful lot of overreaction going on with regards to the swine flu, but I have a seven week old baby, remember, and I don’t really need him getting any nasties, swine or otherwise.

The drive there was slow, up a peak-hour filled road, and by the time we arrived, Niamh (still on the tail end of sickness herself) had fallen asleep and Rohan was desperate for a feed. And did I mention I was the lone adult present? Motherhood – fun times! Mercifully, staff found me a room in which to breastfeed (I’m usually happy to feed in public, but with 3 stressed children, not the easiest undertaking), and afterwards, we were seen virtually straight away, thus avoiding any long wait around the sickies.

Of us all, Finn held it together remarkably well. He wanted constant reassurance about how much the suturing would hurt, but when it came to it, he was fine, even with the application of local anaesthetic (Ouch!). And isn’t it a lovely neat job?

I am not ashamed to admit we got McDonalds for dinner on the way home 😛

Edit: My apologies. I didn’t protect the squeamish too successfully. The ‘break’ worked on the blog, but not in the feed. Oops. Sorry again – hope you weren’t too grossed out!

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