It is now official. Too many people I know read this blog. I am now officially self-censoring. Do you think it’s strange that it’s easier to discuss certain things with complete strangers than with friends and family? Anyway. That’s me. Strange. So I’m not going to have a big old whiney rant, because all you out there who know me would just tell me to pull my socks up and get over myself. (Probably with good reason!) So let’s just have a picture from today, before today turned to shit.

Finn… and Finn:
(photo credit: Dermot)

Now. I would like a do-over on June please. And maybe also May. And some sleep (a lot of sleep). And no more family diseases for the rest of the year.

It’s only fair.

PS. Dear Brown Owls and Owlets who we met at the Aquarium today: We did have a lovely time, honestly. 🙂 Thanks to Pip and to Suze for organizing the excursion.

PPS. Dear New Readers: I don’t usually use bad words on my blog. Much :giggle:

9 responses to “Censored

  1. I wish I had a secret blog where no-one knew me and I could just write whatever was in my head without the need for any censoring…. it would be lovely

  2. {{hugs}}

    I know what you mean about self censoring. Far too many IRL people reading my blog now for me to rant at will.

    The finn and Finn picture is fantastic.

    If I could get June do over for you I would.

  3. Should I feel bad that I know you in both spheres of your life? 😉
    Bring on the whiney rant – it’s your space!

  4. So you’ve nearly made it to the end of June… and you had a lovely morning today (Friday)… so hopefully things are looking up. While you’re not going to get that do-over of June, let’s hope July is full of happiness and lots of sleep!

  5. Hi Melanie, so lovely to meet you yesterday – and even better that we live so close! You will have to email me and tell me how close – we must meet at the local shops along with Claire – I have been meaning to meet her for ages. Let me know when you are free and we can grab a coffee. cathyporter@optusnet.com.au

  6. Hey there – extra extra fab to find you here (I never knew it was you who I couldn’t reply to when you left a commenty bit! Very trickster of you, I say). Thought you did an equally excellent job of mixing the Mum with the crafty yesterday. Here’s to a whole new month (even if it is a wintry July)…

  7. I censor on mine too. Sometimes I wish I was anonymous so I could have those great big bitchy whinges, but mostly I’m glad I don’t indulge myself like that, I’m sure that if I re-read that sort of stuff in 20 years I’d be mortified with myself.

  8. Have to admit, I don’t give my blog details out to anybody at work, and I’ve only given my blog to some family members in Canada and my Mum and closest family friends. Strangely enough, I felt uncomfortable giving it to my closest ‘real life’ friends … just feels easier outpouring about my life to strangers … perhaps that’s another reason I don’t enjoy blogging as much anymore, as more people have found out about my blog … hmmm food for thought 🙂

  9. Ha, this post is hilarious. I have just let it out on my blog that I am closet blogging. I’m still not sure if that mean I am out of the blog closet. I have gotten mixed reactions, some people wishing they haven’t told people about their own blog, others that say the people they have told don’t read the blog anyway. Please don’t stop using swear words on our behalf.