Life Looks Better When…

…on Monday, you take off with a baby, a ball of wool yarn, and a crochet hook, and go chill out with a bunch of crafty Owls for cheese and cider night.

…on Tuesday, you manage to purge five whole bags of kid’s clothes, shoes and books from the house (hurrah!), and come home from the op-shop with a very special purple spangled magician’s jacket for the dressups chest. (Girl child then wears the bling out to the post- and medicare offices, to the amusement of all).

…you forget what you did on Wednesday and Thursday, but that’s okay, they were probably boring days!

…on Friday, you head out to meet another bunch of lovely crafty girls for tea and cakes. (let’s not talk about the fact that on Friday I left the house without the nappy bag! Thank you Lara for bailing me out… twice!) Thank you to super-dooper Nikki M for hosting, and to Tania, Cathy, Louise, Lara, Cath, Jodie, Gina, Anna, Lara, Teegan, Margaret, Cathy, Nikki, Liz, Sandra, Fi, Ann Marie and Nikki (did I miss anyone!?) for the good time.

…on Saturday, you breakfast out on pancakes with a gorgeous family (well, mine, anyway 🙂 ), find a spangly top hat to go with spangly magician’s jacket, dress up the girl child and go a-partying (heck does that girl know how to party!) Come home, exhausted, and bum out on the couch with teh Internets until some ungodly hour.

…and on at least two of those nights, you manage to get some decent ess-el-ee-ee-pee. (Ssssh. Don’t say the ess-word out loud!)

Life looks better.

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