My Creative Space

Have been practicing my free motion quilting. I first tried this on Saturday. Forgetting to switch to the darning foot was not a good start! I’m getting a little better. It all goes awry when I actually think about it; seems to work much better when I switch off my brain – which makes it just about the perfect activity for me right now!


Kirsty set us a challenge to include heart(s) in our creative spaces today. Uh… no prizes for finding mine :giggle: (But click for a bigger pic if you need to). That was fun!

PS: There are two! (But they’re kinda the same)

16 responses to “My Creative Space

  1. Your free motion quilting looks fabulous & I love your heart.

  2. I would love to do free motion quiting, I dont know if my machine would be up to it… Your name worked out well. the heart stands out too.

  3. your heart is the cutest!

  4. What a heart! This is just fabulous. :)K

  5. oh yes I see your heart I di have to enlarge the photo as I am heart blind now!!!

  6. I found it, I found it! I love your quilting, it’s fantastic. Can it only be done with the darning foot??

  7. Now I look the second time I can see 2!

  8. great first start melanie, its not easy is it? yes can see yr heart easily likemine

  9. Oh it’s great – I think I could do that for the whole afternoon! Fancy machine 🙂 Enjoy it

  10. :love: I see the hearts!

    Free motion quilting is tricky, but once you get it you’ll be flying!!

  11. Your quilting looks great, looks like you have the knack. Love your heart.

  12. Oh, how fun! I have always wanted to try making a quilt, and love the look of free motion quilting…maybe one of these days 🙂

  13. Practise makes perfect

  14. The quilting looks great. I imagine it would be hard to just let it flow.

  15. There are actually 3 hearts on your space, if you count the scissors. They are roughly a heart shape, and we all love our scissors, don’t we? Then the two tiny sewn ones. : )

  16. Enjoyed reading your post. Very interesting and inspirational idea.