My Creative Space

…has a glue gun in it this week. Any crafting involving a hot glue gun is awesome, if you ask me 🙂

Creative Space July 23

Niamh is the queen of cheesy grins at the moment. Another cheesy grin for the camera darling?

Niamh July 23

There we go.

We’ve been making peg-dolls today (don’t worry, I was at the helm of the glue gun). Here’s us: Niamh on the left, I in the middle, and Rohan on the right:

Peg Dolls July 23

Rohan watched (in another lovely hand-knit by my mum). He wasn’t all that excited by peg dolls, to be honest.

Rohan July 23

(I’m pretty sure he’s storing extra food in those cheeks for later!)

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19 responses to “My Creative Space

  1. I love the glue gun / cheesy grin – a bit of me wanted to see the two together – you know small cheesy grinning girl waving glue gun madly. Except of course I realise there is a down side to my image!

  2. I think those kids are great little creations all on their own. And that cardie is to die for……That orange is just stunning.

  3. Those kids are so cute. Rohan has such a serious look on his face.

    Our 3 & 4 year old grandkids like to cheese it up for the camera too. It’s always very funny to watch and to see the pics later.

  4. Glue gun craft gets the big thumbs up from me. The peg dolls look great.

  5. Your creative space (and what is in it!) made me smile Melanie… grin even!

  6. I love the orange cable, and Rohan so yummy with those cheeks! Glue gun is good, quick and easy thats what you want with a small bubs in the house.

  7. The pegdolls are amazing. I used my hot glue gun for the first time in yonks the other day – boy, why did I wait so long? It was so much fun!

  8. wow! looks like fun at your house… and what cutey-pie cheeks he has! 🙂

  9. OMG those cheeks are fabulous!!!
    Great fun, those peg dolls. Really enjoyed this – thanks! 🙂 K

  10. so cute. Crafting with children is always the best. The peg dolls are lovely

  11. love those cheesy grins and making peg dolls brings back memories

  12. Just want to grab those fat little cheeks and smooch them, what a cutie. As for the cheesy grin, I cannot get a natural smile from my 5yo unless he doesn’t notice the camera. It’s terrible. Niamh looks sweet even with the clenched teeth!

  13. Such cute photos, and I love the peg dolls. My daughter would love a peg doll. Mental note.

  14. now that’s a salesperson smile if i ever saw one! i love that orange jumper, do you think your mum will share where the pattern is from?

  15. I’ve got to try the peg doll thing! They look like so much fun and I’m sure my two chickens would have a ball. We’ve already done a cardboard roll puppet show which was ‘wildly’ successful. Oh and that little orange knit is fab, it’s so great to have a knitty nan!

  16. those chipmunk cheeks, i just want to pinch them. such sweet babies. and yep you gotta love the glue gun. have even been known to do the odd costume repair backstage with my trusty glue gun

  17. lovely peg dolls! and yes, i see the apple fabric peeking out 😀
    and rohan’s sweater is so adorable. but admittedly, it is nowhere as adorable as the baby himself 😀

  18. The peg dolls look great and chubby cheeks are awesome on bubs.

  19. That looks like so much fun 🙂