My Slightly Creative Space

Kirsty is taking a break, but I’ll show a bit of my Thursday creativity anyway… since there is some to show this week 🙂

Could that be? Yes, I am actually knitting something! A non-scarf something 😮 Well, I’m trying, anyway. Knitting has never really been my thing, but I think I can do this. Whether I can finish before Rohan outgrows it is another matter entirely.

By the way, any errors you think you see are definitely intentional. I’m trying to embrace imperfection, otherwise it will never be done!

Finn thought you might like to see a bit of his creative space too:

Foil and toothpicks occupied them for, oh, at least 10 whole minutes. That only left the remaining many, many, many, many hours of today to fill in. Such a looong day. I’m trying to love the school holidays, I am, but it’s hard work when the weather and baby are both miserable 😥

(We did eventually get around to using those M&Ms on top of cookies; which reminds me, has anyone else done this and had the M&Ms crack in the oven? All of ours did. The recipe actually called for Smarties, I wonder if they are more crack-resistant?)

Righto. One more row before bed…

6 responses to “My Slightly Creative Space

  1. You need baking M&Ms…


  2. Love the creative spaces 🙂

    I’ve never had much luck with M&Ms in cooking. Smarties now use natural food colouring which makes them my preferred choice.

  3. I just love that little cardigan – good on you for giving it a go. Yes, we have a bit of craft happening in our household too – at least my boys can look after themselves! Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

  4. Was it really just one more row before bed?! Gotta love a bit of foil and toothpick holiday creativity. (things fairly hard yakka over here too).

  5. I sometimes use the smaller choc chippy things in the baking dept. Can’t remember if they crack. The cardy looks divine.

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