Rohan has something he would like to tell you:

Yes, that’s right – his cardigan is finished! Hip hip hooray!

Also, he would like to tell you that Melbourne weather today is dark and gloomy, so not the best photo taking weather…

But perfect cardi-wearing weather, so it’s all good 🙂

I would like to tell you that I am inordinately proud of my very first ever non-scarf knitted thingummy. Also, I love it to pieces. It is just my style of baby top – simple but gorgeous. The pattern comes from the Winter 2009 issue of Family Circle magazine (an Australian mag). The wool is Patons Bluebell Merino 5 ply – thicker than the yarn called for, but I am impatient and didn’t want to wait… plus I like the colour. I knitted the 12-month size and used just over 3 balls. Rohan is four months old (today!) and it fits him now… but there is a good amount of growing space, so it may still fit him when he’s one. In fact it will probably fit him best in the height of summer, but never mind. There will eventually be nephews and/or nieces to pass this on to, and in the meanwhile I’m going to have him wear it at every opportunity!

Go me – I’m a knitter! :giggle:

18 responses to “Announcement

  1. It looks amazing, and really suits Rohan.

    Congratulations on the finish 🙂

  2. It looks great Melanie! You are definitely a knitter, and Rohan is adorable. Well done!

  3. Yay! Go you knitter-er go!

  4. Oh my word, it’s perfect beyond description! Lucky Rohan. Handsome Rohan. Watch out Rohan, I may have to pinch it for Charlie.

  5. Beautiful! Oh, and nice sweater, too. 😛 No, seriously, I think it is wonderful, and the color is just amazing.

  6. That is a lovely sweater. And yay, you are a knitter! I so know how you feel. I only knitted a little purse a while ago and am now busy knitting a little sweater for my littles one. A blue sweater by the way, what a coincidence! So maybe, if all goes well, I can join you in a little while, saying: I’m a knitter too, hurray! 😉

  7. It’s gorgeous and so is your little one.

  8. That cardigan is gorgeous, Mel!! You did a fabulous job! I’m trying to become a knitter as well but I’m not sure how to make the leap to sweaters/cardigans. Did you knit this one flat and then seam the pieces together?

  9. Magnificent, Mel. Well done! It’s gorgeous as is Rohan. 🙂

  10. IT’s gorgeous!

  11. You are a knitter!!

    That is one great little cardigan. A perfect colour choice for your little cutie.

    Well done.

  12. Congratulations on finishing the cardigan, it looks gorgeous. Rohan is so cute, love the pics of him in your previous post.

  13. Rohan, you have a very clever mummy! The colour is just perfect for you and looks sensational!

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  15. I too would be inordinately proud had I produced such a beautiful cardigan! Well done it is just beautiful!

  16. Go you knitter indeed. That is beautiful!

  17. You did a fabulous job Mel!

  18. Mel, that’s gorgeous!! Care to send the pattern to my mother-inlaw??? She wants more knitting patterns for Sophia and this one is really lovely. What size does it go up to?

    AND … what a gorgeous model for the cardi 🙂 Another little Dermot I think.

    Love ya,