Friday Mornings

Friday mornings are fast becoming one of my favourite times of the week. A mini-break, if you will. I drop Finn off at school, Niamh off at occasional care, then race home and get Rohan down for his morning kip. Then I get a whole 45 minutes in which I can do anything I like without interruption! Ok, so this usually just means shower, have breakfast, and catch up on some blogs/tweets, but still. We take our little slices of me-time where we can get them, hey?

Once Rohan is up and fed, then we sit around making faces at one another, and omnomnomming on those cheeks for a while before we have to pick Niamh up again. (Or you know, doing something more productive. Only can’t remember what. Maybe it is just the omnomnomming!)


Oh yeah. Such a tough guy!

And if you think I’m showing you gratuitous baby shots just to distract you from the lack of a finished knitting project… well, I can neither confirm nor deny 😛

(But it won’t be too long now, promise. I cast off at midnight last night!)

8 responses to “Friday Mornings

  1. What could possibly be more productive than omnomnomming those cheeks? They’re impossible to resist!

  2. What absolutely beautiful photos of your baby boy Melanie….

  3. Love baby photos and your are particularly gorgeous!

  4. Hi Mel, he is very handsome!
    I hope you’re bringing your finished project tomorrow night? Will see you then – and thanks for the reply – I definitely get it about the acrylic v wool. My own blanket will never be finished anyway, so it doesn’t really matter(!)

  5. He is such a handsome young lad 🙂

  6. These photos are making me feel very clucky! omnomnomnono eek!

  7. growing up so fast – he’s delish!!!

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