Bunting on Monday…

Project overseen and fabrics chosen by Niamh, purchased in the recent GJ’s fabric sale – to which every craft blogger in the north seems to have been!

Cracked my first Nicole Mallalieu pattern on Tuesday…


Are you sick of this fabric yet? Not I! This is Nikki’s 90mm coin purse pattern, and not terribly tricky… though I must admit it’s not quite finished – I haven’t tackled the crimping/squishing of the metal frame yet, as there’s nothing resembling a cork coaster in the house. Think I’ll be making more of these 🙂

Revisiting “Smartie Cookies” on Wednesday…

I had some helpful comments back on this post after we used M&Ms on the last batch of these. This time we used Smarties. Hardly any of these cracked, which is good, but some of the (all-natural, as Marita pointed out) colours were altered in cooking – the green ones turned yellow, the blues went quite pale, and some of the others were dulled as well. They look like they’re out of a 70’s cookbook! Oh well. Tasty nonetheless. I think our playgroupers appreciated them.

4 responses to “Making…

  1. I missed the GJ’s sale (and my bank account is thanking me). Love the fabric combo on the purse!

  2. Annie says ‘those cookies look yummy’.

    I love the coin purse, it looks amazing.

  3. I love your bunting. Is it hard to do? Bearing in mind I am a novice sewer.

  4. Lovin’ the purse! Also love the peg dollies in the post below… have been trying to get my wee girl into making them.