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This week has seen a bit of reorganisation happening about the house, as we moved Rohan from cradle to cot (which makes nary a difference since he spends most of his night cuddled up in with me anyway). My craft space, aka the wardrobe, becomes somewhat inaccessible with the big cot set up in our room, so I moved some of it out to our third bedroom (aka ‘the junk room/piano room/ study’, though by the end of the year we hope to achieve a functioning third bedroom), packed some of it away for the forseeable future, and even did a spot of tidying up/ destashing. Not a fraction of what it needs though. The sleep deprivation has started to hit in full force this week, so I’m feeling a bit of a zombie.

Anyway, in the process, I found a few things that I thought I might pass on to new homes. First up is this copy of CRAFT: magazine Issue 08 – I have two copies, so one could be yours! If you’d like it, drop me a comment, and I’ll have a random-number draw thingy after 6pm on Sunday (Australian EST). Sorry – Australian residents only this time – I got a bit burned by postage on my last giveaway 😮

PS. If you only pop in on Thursdays, you’ll be wanting to know about that knitting!

PPS. More spaces over at kootoyoo!

8 responses to “My Creative Space/ Giveaway

  1. oooh ooh, me please! would love one, they don’t have this magazine in our newsagent so I would be very interested to see it. Am in Australia too, what a bonus!! I hope your broken nights improve and you feel less of a zombie, perhaps when Rohan gets used to the cot he might sleep better. My boy was better in a cot, his arms kept hitting the sides of the moses basket and that was waking him up – it just took me a while to realise!

  2. Oh, precious sleep, it wasn’t that long ago that I too was walking the halls at all hours. I’d wag a finger at Rohan on your behalf but he looks way too cute in his new cardi to even contemplate. All the best for your tidy.

  3. Know what ya mean about the beds…My little one has a crib in our room with the side off and pushed against our bed and a room with a big boy bed all his own..Where does he end up??? Our bed lol..Gotta enjoy it while they are young I say!!!

  4. I understand about postage…My husband sent his family Xmas gifts to Australia and it was SO expensive! I was shocked.

    I remember moving from cribs to beds. Soon we’ll be moving from bedrooms to dormrooms! yay!

  5. I haven’t seen that magazine! Looks good. It always feels good once you start to declutter – I so desperately need to do it! Your baby is turning into a bigger baby by moving to the cot! The next stage.

  6. I hear you on the reorganisation, it seems to be always happengin!

  7. It says on the cover of that mag that I can weave! Can I weave? Really? Certainly a very exciting bit of news on a dull and grey old Sunday!

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