In a brief second of either distraction or insanity, I appear to have signed up to post every day in October, along with a bunch of other bloggy types (check out the big list over at Tinniegirl). Hmmmm. (I’ll also be opening a book on just how many days I’ll last :giggle: )

Long-time (long-suffering) readers may remember I did something similar back in the days (good grief, have I really been blogging so long? How can one person say so little for so long?). I did struggle some days, I’ll admit. Perhaps the inspirational Ideas Hub over at badskirt could come in handy this month!

5 responses to “Blogtoberfest

  1. I’ll be looking forward to those daily posts…hee hee!

  2. Wow. That kind of makes you the true creator of Blogtoberfest. How cool is that.

  3. Ah – you can do it!… says she, who woosed out of Blogtoberfest this year.

  4. Wishing you luck. I’ve gone from blogging sometimes twice daily to struggling to remember to blog every second day. trying to get back into it because it helps my writing skills.