More Self-Portraiture

It is really difficult to take a photograph of yourself and the babe-in-a-backpack!

New Ergo

I thought my baby-wearing days were nearly over. Rohan’s pretty easygoing, and most of the time is happy to go in the stroller. But there are times when only holding will do, and those times are mostly called 5-7pm. I’m sure many a parent is familiar with that special time of day (who was it called them the arsenic hours?) Also, we’re hoping to get to do a little bit more bushwalking, and after packing him in the Hug-a-Bub for a couple of easy walks, I have got to say – bushwalking is easier when you can see your feet!

So I succumbed, and ordered an Ergo Sport. Our very cheery postie delivered it this morning, and we’ve spent the day trying it out. Verdict = winner. (Though the hair-grabbiness will have to be stopped :grr: )

Blogtoberfest Day 8

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