I was going to call it a Blogtoberfest bye today. But by telling you, I would actually be posting, so therefore it wouldn’t be a bye at all. Hmmm. And does a tree falling in the woods make a sound if no-one’s there to hear it, anyway?

Fridays this month are less bliss, more crazy. Niamh starts at creche no earlier than 9am, and Finn is supposed to be several suburbs (and 25 minutes drive) away by 9.20 (9.15 this morning). He might be the one going off to do advanced maths, but I’m pretty sure even you and I can do the sums on that one! We weren’t the latest to arrive this morning though, and that’s how I’m planning to measure success 🙂

There wasn’t much point in driving home and back again, so Rohan and I ended up at Volumes in Eltham for a coffee and a bit of a potter before picking Finn up at midday (while Niamh was picked up at the same exact time… thankfully Mum came to the rescue on that one). I’m probably going to do the same again for the next three weeks, so if there are any bloggy peeps out that way at a bit of a loose end on a Friday morning who’d like to get together for a coffee, drop me a note, I’d love to catch up!

Full and busy weekend-y stuff coming up, starting with the Northside Makers Market in the morning. Looking forward to seeing all the local craftiness 🙂

Blogtoberfest Day 9

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