Grandma Eye Candy

Rohan 7m 02.jpg
This little bloke turned a whole seven months yesterday. And (knock-on-wood) we seem to be turning a pretty big corner in the sleep department… just like that. I have swaddled all my babies in the early months, the boys especially both had really strong startle reflexes that jolted them awake frequently. On Monday night, I decided it was just too damn hot for a wrap of any kind, even my lightest muslin wraps would have had the babe sweltering, so I took a chance and put him to bed without wrapping. And he slept through! Shout it from the rooftops! I’m close to being a proper human being again. Tuesday and Wednesday nights were pretty decent too – he had 4am wakeups both nights, but one wakeup is perfectly civilised really, compared to recent weeks.

Rohan 7m 01.JPG
(It truly has been stinking hot this week in Melbourne, for November anyway. This was the only way to sleep yesterday. Bonus points here for supercute handmade bunny cuddles! Minus points though for visible sweat/drool marks… I reheeally need to change those cot sheets.)

I’m not silly enough to believe it will be all fantastic from here on, but here’s hoping we’re on the way out of the doldrums.

Rohan 7m 03.jpg

Oh, and we’re getting better at this sitting up thing, too. And on the verge of proper crawling. Yea verily, all hell is about to break loose. Again.

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