November 11

Eleven-eleven. It’s a memorable day, for more than one reason. (Not least the hanging of Ned Kelly or the sacking of the Whitlam Government)

Nine years ago, it was a memorable day for us.

Wedding Legalities

We were married beneath a maypole in the Kooyoora State Park (which gives this post its second bushranger reference!). Until the day, none of our guests knew the actual location of the ceremony. (Technically, nor did we, for several reasons, but the most important of which was, we had no rain plan(!), and the morning of November 11 brought an absolute downpour.)

Good fortune prevailed, however. At least as far as the weather. If you ask me to tell the story of our wedding photographs, I might still cry.

Thankfully, memories and lifetimes are not all about the pictorial evidence.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

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