Uh… Happy New Year?

(No, I suppose I can’t really get away with that in March, can I?)

So the wee boy recently raced past the 11-month post, which means I have been a non-blogger for four months people. Four! I think that may be my longest break yet, and people are starting to, you know, mention it. (Ok, namely Mum, but still…)

Also, I described myself to someone the other day as an ‘ex-blogger’, and then I wondered to myself whether the situation was really irreparable… so here we are, my blog and I – we’re entering into a trial reconciliation. No commitment, mind. We’re just casual friends. 🙂

In honour of it being my first post in 2010, how about some pics of a few firsts that have happened around these parts lately?

First day of Year Two:
First Day Grade Two

First day of Pre-school:
First Day Kinder

First swimming class:
First Swimming Class

First (ever) pavlova:
First Ever Pavlova
(This was so, so very good. It disappeared very rapidly. I baked another a week later for Mum’s birthday, and that one didn’t even hang around for a photograph! Pavs are definitely my new go-to fancy dessert. Yum)

[Left] First two-wheeler (technically a four-wheeler right now, I suppose); [Right] Finally getting rid of those training wheels, hoorah!
Two wheelin'

First glimpse at Melbourne’s baby:
Melbourne's Baby Elephant
(And so worth standing in line for, even though I only have crappy pics. Better ones at that link above. She’s since been named Mali, which is Thai for jasmine, apparently.)

Life. It’s pootling along just the way it always does, blog or no blog. Nice to be back 🙂

12 responses to “Uh… Happy New Year?

  1. Lovely to see you back in blogland (although it was super-nice to see you at the Thornbury CRaft Bonanza, too.

    How’s the Kanzashi coming along?

  2. Good to see you back – the kids (and the elephant) are adorable.

  3. Lots of exciting firsts happening in 2010.

    Baby elephant sure is cute as are the children 🙂

  4. Hi Mel, other people noticed you were away too 🙂
    Great looking pav. I made one last week too and somehow the second half of it disappeared in the middle of the night…(!)

  5. I wondered where you’d gone. Welcome back.

    I’ve never made a pavlova either, really must try it out some day…

  6. Nice to have you back… and oh man I so want a slice of that pav!

  7. Great post Melanie – what a lot of firsts you have had … and it is only March

  8. You’ve been keeping busy!! All of your kids are cuties!

  9. I’ve been waiting a long, long time to hear from you!!!!! Where are your photos of the skirt and booties?? At least the elephant was awake for you, when we went we waited 35 minutes and she was sound asleep, she flapped one ear once and then we had to move on!!!

  10. Nice to see you back! And after a look at your pav, I have signed myself up for that kind of go-to dessert solution…

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