My Creative Space

Happy April! Hard to believe it is already. My head is still stuck somewhere back in January, I think.

Not sure if I’m going to get very creative today. Depends whether I can banish this headache and get my family packed to go away tomorrow morning.

So here’s one I prepared earlier. As in, yesterday. That’s probably cheating or something isn’t it? Well tough!

My yesterday looked like this:

With a little of this:

And finally, a photoshoot in amongst the basil and marigolds:

This is a little sundress (or perhaps nightie? It looks like a sweet little nightie to me), adapted from a pattern for regular child-sized people (Ottobre 1/2009). I like how it turned out, despite the efforts of craft-room gremlins, who took off with the turquoise bias binding I am sure I own. I’m planning to rework this pattern a bit to see if I can make it fit better on top – amateur improv. pattern drafting on a really tiny scale, fun fun!

Take a tour around creative blogland today, via Kirsty’s place. And have a very happy Easter!

13 responses to “My Creative Space

  1. Wow – you have no idea how much that last sweet, bright, adorable picture has made me smile this morning… thank you!

  2. I actually like the contrast that’s caused by the blue binding on the edge of the nighty.

  3. Very, very cute. My girls have been hopping around the garden in their pj’s too!

  4. That’s really cute!

    And its a good thing you came clean about the photo being from yesterday … I was going to ask where that sun came from! 😉 Its soooooo dull today, isn’t it?

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Sarah (SplishSplash)

    Oooh, I love it. Gorgeous 🙂
    Hope your headache went away.

  6. adorable little dolldress. I love the fabric and the trim colour.

  7. Oh WOW super cute – love it! Hope you have a Happy Easter 😉

  8. Hi Melanie,
    thanks for popping by!
    I have seen you so many times at craft get togethers & yet never formally introduced.

    hope you have a great easter weekend

  9. It’s really cute! Love the colors, and it looks quite comfy for some summer sleeping.

    (I often pre-write creative space posts in the interest of time. I figure if it’s something I worked on that week, it counts. ;))

  10. Looks beautiful … love the doll too – what a lovely little face

  11. Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I love your little sundress. I have often thought about making some doll’s clothes but I think the small-ness would do my head in!

    (oh and I very often have a few “creative space’s” in the wings waiting for Thursday!)

  12. Your doll and dress is just lovely – what a cute pic!

  13. Very cute!! I haven’t sewn anything on that small a scale yet but love how quick kids clothes are!!