My Creative Space – Beauty and the Beast

In the left corner we have Beauty: crocheted ric-rac, inspired by Kate at Fox’s Lane; quick and easy tutorial found here. Fun, easy, and slightly addictive crocheting. No idea what I’ll be doing with it yet – I did threaten the bemused other half I’d trim a lampshade in it!


And in the right, the Beast: product of an impromptu knitting lesson with Mum yesterday. The change in the seasons has started up the two-needle-itch again, and I want to be ready for something a bit trickier than my one completed knitted thing.

Ugly, isn’t it?! But hey, there’s increasing, decreasing, short rows, a wee bit of lacy stuff, heel stitch, 1×1 rib, and picking up stitches along the edge, all in that little piece of ugly!

(Edited to say I realise that sounds like I meant Ro’s cardigan is ugly. No no, I actually meant the grey thing just up there. The cardi is still gorgeous, but I bet it doesn’t fit anymore)

Also in my creative space today are some little bits of not-allowed-to-show-you and a whole lot of nothing-to-see-here-but-supposed-to-be-finished-by-Sunday. (Because a certain wee someone we know is about to be one, and don’t mention it to me or I might just cry!)

My Creative Space comes to you courtesy of Kirsty!

13 responses to “My Creative Space – Beauty and the Beast

  1. Love the ric rac!

  2. Ooh. i wil have to look at that ric rac pattern because that looks really sweet, I like the colours you have used too. Pretty.

  3. That ric rac is great – thanks for the link!

  4. the ric-rac is ace. and the ugly duckling is made up of very neat stitches. i love the start of knitting season

  5. Oh yay, LOVE the verigated ric rac. I might have to have a go at some of that too. It is soooooo addictive, isn’t it. X

  6. Love the ric rac. I started learning to crochet a while ago. Rather unsuccessfully, but this was the exactly the sort of stuff I wanted to do. I really should try again…

  7. I’m dying to see the not-allowed-to-show-you stuff! 😉

  8. Oh love the ric rac – that is awesome!

  9. Oh, I love the crocheted ric-rac, very sweet!

  10. i don’t know why you think your knitting isn’t any good … it looks pretty darn good to me! (and aren’t mum’s good for impromptu lessons? mine is good to me in that way too)
    My Creative Space

  11. What great ric rac. I have a lot of thin crochet cotton that would look great on a lamp shade….

  12. I love your ric rac so much. I think we might need to do a swapsie at some point, because I cannot fathom crochet and yet I would love some ric rac trim.

    Sorry I’m getting around here so late in the piece. I’ve just organised my google reader into folders so that I stop losing the posts I actually WANT to read beneath the posts I get swamped with.

  13. Pssst…I nominated you for an award. It’s my latest blog post. 🙂