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I did say I was itching to get stuck back into the dyes, didn’t I?! Funny how when I get something into my head, the priorities list has a way of rewriting itself! Last night I dyed a few pieces of 100% wool felt. It’s the first time I’ve done this – I’ve been meaning to try it for an age, but was finally spurred on when I saw a) the lovely hand-dyed felt Trudi has been creating, and b) the deliciousness out at Winterwood. Winterwood is where I picked up my base felt – it is so soft and lovely, and it thickens up a bit more in the dyeing process. The trick is getting it not to thicken up too much – I was scared to poke and prod too much once it was wet, and as a result there is a bit more mottling than I was after in two of the pieces. Now I’m a bit more familiar with the process, I’m sure the next time will be a bit easier.

Combined with a little bit of car-crafting from Monday (doesn’t this make a lovely knob-cozy for my stereo?)…

…I think you can tell what I’ll be making more of today 🙂

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Oh, and also Speaking of Colour, it has recently been brought to my attention (when I switched to using the family Mac, with it’s whizzbang monitor, instead of my less whizzbang laptop) that on some screens, my blog and all my photographs look a bit… crap! So if you have one of those screens, I’m really sorry. It would appear I’ve been blasting your eyeballs with oversaturated colour for the past however-long-you-have-been-reading 🙁 For what it’s worth, the background felt in the above pictures should be a lovely creamy colour, not the light yellow it appears on my screen currently (of course, the problem could lie with the whizzbang screen I suppose!)

7 responses to “My Creative Space – Speaking of Colour

  1. It’s lovely & creamy from where I sit.

    I love your crafty car.

  2. I’ve got a lovely cream colour too! I love the mottling in the felt, it really adds to the character. Those are going to be some well dressed little people. I must add making some of those to my to do list.

  3. It looks lovely. I love the softness and washed colours.

  4. You know now I just want to yarn bomb a car from top to bottom, inside and out? That is one inspired knob cosy.

  5. I love the brown felt especially, it looks so rich – on my screen 😉

    I don’t mind the mottled appearance of hand dyed fabric I think that when it is used it will add that extra zing to your pieces.

  6. Love the knob cover 🙂 The felt looks lovely on my screen.

  7. These little people are so gorgeous. Annie adores the ones you have made for her. Thank you so very much for making my little girl smile 🙂