Now We Are One


Some months back, a small girl, perhaps two, pointed Rohan out as we meandered about the greengrocer, and made much of ‘the baby’. No, said her father, he’s not a baby anymore, he’s growing big, like you. He is so still a baby!, asserted I, clinging desperately to the fading days of Babyhood. My last.

But One brings definite change, doesn’t it? With the coming of One, not even I can deny any more – it’s over. No more baby. We’ve crossed the threshold and run face-first into Toddlerhood. (Rohan does have a tendency to run face-first into most things – hence the bruises, see above).

We had a small family celebration at the weekend. Robot cake was mandatory – our Ro gets “Ro-pop” quite a bit. His big brother and sister both made cards featuring robots. A RicRac discobot was on the cards, but in the end, none of my crafting plans came to fruition, and I decided not to beat myself up about it – he certainly won’t remember that his robot (or his quilt, or whatever else it was on that list…) came late!


Happy Birthday (+ 3), Mr Ro. So glad we made it through this year together intact!

7 responses to “Now We Are One

  1. Happy Birthday Rohan!!! You’ve got a beautiful little boy, Mel. 🙂

  2. What a great photo of the two of you, Mel! Happy birthday, Rohan!

  3. Happy birthday. I still think a one year old is a baby. But then I still call my 6yo my baby. He’s up to my ribs.

  4. The joy of baby hood comes again, when you get to cuddle those adorable babes, but they don’t keep you awake at night next time around.
    Happy birthday daredevil boy!

  5. Happy Birthday Ro. They grow up so fast.

  6. Gorgeous photography, gorgeous little boy, gorgeous cake, *sniff sniff* I love and hate the getting-growed-up bit!

  7. They’re babies until they go to school I reckon.

    Happy [belated] birthday!