My Creative Space – In and Out

In: snapped while the kids were waiting for their porridge this morning. Creative Space/ Kitchen Table reality, don’t you love it? I admit to an occasional green-eyed-monster moment when I see other spaces which are actually dedicated Craft Spaces, but my time will come!


I picked up a Pocket Bot kit from Jodie at the Stitches and Craft show (More on the show perhaps tomorrow.) Pieces were cut out during last night’s Masterchef. Hopefully it will be less in pieces later today.

Out: car crafting while Niamh was at her Kinderballet class and Rohan was sleeping in the back.


Trying to make sense of the Blair-Witchiness of DPNs. I am determined to conquer this circular knitting thing and make myself a cute pair of fingerless mitts for winter. Note everpresent iPhone, complete necessity for catching up on crafty blogs whilst out and about :giggle:

Hmmmm. I seem to becoming the just-Creative-Space-nothing-else blog. Must work on that! Meanwhile – see other Creative Spaces today over at Kirsty’s.

8 responses to “My Creative Space – In and Out

  1. Excellent use of class/car time!

  2. Your time will come Melanie!

  3. I was scared of those dpn’s too, I am getting the hang of them though. They do have a way of making you feel all thumbs 😛

  4. oooh the Pocket Bots look cute. Can’t wait to see yours finished 🙂

  5. LOL. DPNs are so Blair-Witchy. Great description!

  6. Looks like you are making nice headway on the circular knitting. I’m afraid my one foray into it has not done much for making me want to do more. Until I see a cool sock pattern, of course.

  7. Funny post about those dpn’s! and thank you for the link to Jodie, fab blog!!

  8. Im so with you on the DPN, I have tryed and tried…to no evail, let me know if you get it!