Off Kilter

It’s been a funny old week. I’m feeling a bit off-kilter. I’m not 100% certain what a kilter is, nor do I know whether I’d like to be on one, but for the moment, I’m definitely off.


I did fully intend to write up a review of my lovely Sling bag made at Sewjourn, for Nikki’s Review Round-Up Competition. Somehow that deadline slid out the window while I was distracted by kilters, but get yourself over there and vote for a winner anyway, won’t you?

In lieu of that, and of anything else of substance for the blog this week – please accept an offering from last week:



Sandpit is Go!:

My Dad built, and then he and Dermot installed, this long-anticipated addition to the backyard.
The weather even came to the party with a couple of brilliant days earlier this week (I love this Winter-with-a-promise-of-Spring time of year so much). So the kids got to hang out and build sandcastles as much as they liked.

Well. Two of them liked. Mr Fifteen-and-a-half-months-and-I can-climb-out-of-my-cot-now seems to have some kind of bizarre sand-phobia! We’re working on it.

3 responses to “Off Kilter

  1. Love the bag!!!! That sandpit looks like a good-un, too.

    I hope next week is a little less off-kilter.

  2. Ooooh sandpit very cool, and the weather has been just delightful 🙂

    Love the bag, Heidi would be mucho impressed with the butterfly fabric.

  3. Next up: trampoline. Then, once Sand Phobia Kidlet has grown out of, well, the sand phobia thing, you could find yourself with a whole half hour to have a quiet cup of not-reheated tea! Promise.