Useful Swap (Part 2)

Wow. Sewjourn, hey? It was so good. (Musn’t pun, musn’t pun). I’ll get to that later, promise.

But first to make good on my other promise – would you like a gander at the goodies which turned up in my mailbox from Suzie’s Useful Swap? Alrighty then…

From Suzie herself I received this oilcloth zippered cosmetics pouch, and from Alison, a screenprinted linen teatowel:


From Sonya, a fragrant home-blend of garam masala and some hand-made chocolate soap:


From Nikki, a beautiful hand-stitched bookmark – the cashmere blend fabric Nikki has used for this is so divine. I can’t stop rubbing it on my cheek. Mmmmm.


And from Ellen, a giraffe-y wheat bag (ok, she said wheat bag, but technically, I’ve filled mine with lentils!)


It’s so nice to accept a little bit more handmade into my home. I loved the philosophy behind the swap – to exchange practical handmade items which will reduce or eliminate the need for shop-bought and disposable alternatives. It has inspired me to go ahead with a few of the things which have been on my to-craft list for ever. Like some eco-friendly produce bags. I think they might be up next. Thank you all, ladies, for a terrific swap.

Oh, and here’s what happens when I get down to floor level to snap a few photographs. Eventually, I get climbed. I’m pretty sure the message here was ‘Start paying attention to me, mother. Oh, and make me a snack!’


Finally… here’s a little teaser… a tiny glimpse of what I got up to at Sewjourn on the weekend:


I’ll be back with more… soon 🙂

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