While I Was Gone

Parenting has been kicking my butt lately. You might have guessed, based on my absence. Every time I think about breaking the blog-drought, I’m either too exhausted, or I can’t seem to form two sentences, or I get a bad case of ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything’.

There’s nothing special about tonight, except perhaps all of the above apply. This week is kicking my butt even more spectacularly. Husband in Sydney, School holidays, and kids all sick. Monday night I had a miserable Niamh in bed with me with a suspected ear infection (though she did seem okay by morning, after medication and a night with Mum). Last night was Ro’s turn in with me, and tonight, well… he’s currently napping fitfully on my lap (one-handed blogging, y’all!) and won’t go down in any bed. This is after the excitement of a few hours ago when his big brother coughed until he vomited. Awesome times.

Blah. Let’s have a little recap on some of the good stuff that’s happened since I was last here, shall we? Good then. Point form ahoy:

:love: We moved the babe out of our bedroom and in with his sister. This was monumental. And, of course, led to him finally, finally sleeping through the night. I should have remembered that from last time, really. Ok, so I did remember. I was just really reluctant to boot my baby out. So the sleepless nights – all my fault. Obviously. Next!

:love: My blog turned five. FIVE! That’s a really long time to be saying nothing much at all. Less than 400 posts total… gosh, I really am a crap blogger! (But really… I have got to say, blogging was way less pressure back in the days. Now… I don’t know. Every now and then, I see a favourite blog go ‘pro’. Or ‘pro-ish’. Suddenly there’s Sponsorship. And Product Placement. Cash for Comment. Or competitions to enter, but only if you ‘Follow’, and Twitter and Facebook about it. Often, the original, entertaining, unique voice of said blogger is lost amongst it all. At which point I mercilessly drop them from my feed.) Ok, sorry. Rant over.

:love: My best girl turned four. Way, way more exciting than the blog turning five. Niamh is such a party girl, she always has been. We had pretend party play for weeks around these parts. Culminating in a totally fun, but also totally soggy pink-and-green party at the Bundoora Children’s Farm. Kids don’t care. Rug ’em up, they’ll have fun no matter what. And we did.

:love: I am quite bad at point form-ing my thoughts!

:love: Someone introduced me to the Sookie Stackhouse series. Thanks, Someone 😛 I read the books almost without coming up for air (don’t worry, I still managed to clothe and feed my children. Just.) Then I went out and bought Series One of True Blood on DVD, and we watched that over a week, then rinse and repeat with Series Two. Totally loving it. Series Three, of course, isn’t on in Australia yet, so we’ll be (cough, cough) waiting for that for a while. 😉

:love: After 44 months of breastfeeding, I finally closed up shop. (That’s non-consecutive months, obviously. I meant the total for all three children). I truly thought that would be harder for both Rohan and I than it was, but I just knew time was up, and we just… stopped. Now he goes to bed with cuddles and a few sips of water, and even (sometimes) for Dad, not me. Another monumental step. (And I just realised I can burn my maternity bras now. Or, you know, just bin them. Probably more environmentally friendly that way.)

There’s probably more good stuff. Just can’t quite drag it out of the brain cells right now. Between up there ^^^ and here, I managed to get Ro back into his bed, and the clock ticked over to Thursday… Must. Go. To. Bed.

Oh, but before I do, I also managed to get a few crafty bits and pieces in:

I finally finished off the doll stroller seat for my friend’s little girl:


Seen being test-driven here by our recently arrived good friend Gracie, another Bamboletta sweetheart to keep Molly company.


Also, I joined in with Sooz’s Useful swap. My original plan involved crochet, but then I stupidly managed to sprain my crucial-for-crochet-right-index-finger. So since yarny stuff was out, I broke out the fabric instead. This is only a peek, mind you, but I’m hoping the recipients love these – I certainly do, and I intend to make myself one or two now.


Once my finger began to recuperate, I started back on those tricksy DPNs (to help the recovery, you understand!):


And emerged victorious, with a smashing pair of red fingerless mitts to bring some happy to the coldcoldcold mornings we’ve been having.


Ravelry details over here if you are so inclined. I love my mitts 🙂

And, folks, as Peter Cundall used to say, that’s yer bloomin’ lot.

9 responses to “While I Was Gone

  1. Congratulations on all the good stuff Melanie.
    You beat me with the breastfeeding by 4 months :-).

    If it is any consolation, these are the hardest school holidays, with the cold cold weather. It is so hard to wear the kids out when you can’t kick them outside, and then they bicker like crazy.

    My kids have not been sick, but I have had Hayden and Madi over while Leigh packs up the house – 9 hours of 5 kids yesterday. Add to that the sadness of my two younger kids that their friends are moving away. Not the most fun holiday.

    We have done rounds of Dentist, Optometrist etc. It looks like we will soon have a fourth member of the family in glasses, and at least one child will need braces in a few years time.

    There is no way I would have been able to blog when my three were younger (as young as yours). It is hard enough when I have just one little person at home with me. Every year you will get a little more time to yourself, and before long we will both be saying – “remember what it was like when we had little kids at home with us all day…..”

    I hope everyone recovers swiftly, and your school holiday time improves.

  2. Congrats on 5 years of blogging!

    I’m worn out after a weekend with my toddler niece. She is so much fun, but I would be totally exhausted full time!!

    Your crafty projects are wonderful 🙂

  3. You have been busy!! I hope the kids are feeling better soon. Lovely projects as always but that dolly stroller is freakin’ adorable!

    Happy 5th Blogaversary!!

  4. I’m on the library waitlist for next True Blood book, number 36 or something equally ridiculous 😀

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging and even bigger congrats to Niamh on turning 4years old. 🙂

    I love the stroller, it turned out fabulous.

    My blog is slowly changing and I’m a bit sad about that, but once both the girls paed and Annie’s school principal found out about it … well there was no going back to personal blogging.

  5. I don’t know how you get anything done with 3 kids underfoot, much less all of the above *and* blogging. You go, girl!! 🙂

  6. Love the mitts, the red is great. Sounds like you’ve been very busy, hope you get some down time. Happy 5th blogaversary!

  7. I’ve been eyeing off the reading mitts pattern for a while now – your red version is lovely.

    And happy 5th blogiversary. You’re right – blogging was a whole nother thing 5 years ago.

    I hope you get a break and some good health soon.

  8. Sounds like you’ve had a full dance-card, Ms Sugarlemon! Good to see a bit of crafty action crept through and it’s lovely to see you pop up in blogland whenever you can!

  9. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a bad blogger is there? Well there shouldn’t be, unless you being mean and that is def. not here.
    5 years is tops, go you! I hope I can see a little more of your swap soon – I am intrigued!
    As for parenting – the hardest freaking job ever! Hope to catch up with you at a NCB soon