Finn Blogs!

My first ever *guest post*! From a boy of very few words. (Except of course when he’s talking about HTML. Or CSS. Or Java. Or pretty much anything computer related 🙂 ) Enjoy!


Hi, this is Finn. On the weekend Mum taught me how to knit. I learned garter stitch. I made a blanket for my sister’s baby doll. While I was making it Rohan pulled the needles out. Mum put them back in.


Do you like it? 🙂

17 responses to “Finn Blogs!

  1. Lovely piece of knitting – congrats on the finish!

  2. Wow Finn, what a fabulous job! You’re a very talented knitter.

  3. I do like it Finn!! I particularly love that you soldiered on after Rohan pulled the needle out. If that had’ve happened to me, I would have been all defeated (and probably had a little cry) – knitting does that to me. :yell:

  4. Nice job! 😉

  5. Well done, Finn! It looks great!!

  6. One of my favourite guest bloggers ever! Go Finn. Looking forward to seeing more creations, excellent knitting.

  7. That looks awesome Finn, great job.

  8. You’ve done a great job of your knitting Finn, and a great job blogging too. Your sister must be very pleased with her doll’s new blanket!

  9. Wow! Fabulous knitting! I am so impressed. I can’t knit at all, my fingers just won’t do what my brain tells them!

  10. Wow Finn. That’s pretty impressive for a beginner. I bet your sister was really happy. Very nice blogging too.

  11. Your grandma is MOST impressed! I think Roham may have been a tiny bit jealous 🙂

  12. And grandma should learn to spell her grandchildren’s names.

  13. I think you are a better knitter than I am. Nice work!

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  15. Mrs Atkinson

    WOW Finn
    You are an amazing knitter. What a gorgeous job you have done.

  16. Well done with your knitting Finn, it looks wonderful.

  17. Hi Finn! I am so pleasantly surprised by your blogging and knitting! You drew my attention as my youngest son is called Finn as well! (his full name is Finn Odin)

    You can find us at

    Maybe you would like to have a look one day,

    Bye for now!