Hey Good Lookin’, What’s Cookin’?


You’ll have to excuse me. I’m a little… rusty. This whole blogging business is a bit last decade for me, I’m afraid! But I did want to pop by and show you a very recent addition to the family…

Monster Chef

Do you love him? I do. He’s a little shifty though – won’t look me in the eye, no matter what angle I try and photograph him at. I think he may be plotting…

I’ve been pattern testing for a lovely friend – Claire, of Matching Pegs fame. If you want to create your very own Monster Chef, you don’t have very long to wait – some of Claire’s patterns will be released later on this year under the Creative Abundance umbrella. Keep your eyes open, then get busy and make a whole *mob* of ’em for the little monsters in your life! (My three have already requested more, in different colours, and yesterday wouldn’t be quite soon enough, if you please!)

Btw, how totally perfect is the ‘mustard

Oh, and the other prop there? Another recent addition – my definitely-cost-far-too-much-but-I-got-it-half-price-worth-every-penny Anolon non-stick frypan (this is definitely not a sponsored post, coz y’all know I don’t do that!) If it’s possible to be in love with cookware, then I have totally fallen for this baby 🙂


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