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Or….. Not!

View from my seat…

This was yesterday. The day when I should have been in hospital having a C-section! Instead, baby and I decided to stick it to the man, and I gave birth early Saturday morning following a fairly fast and furious labour. Sans epidural, what’s more. Owwie.

So everybody please put your hands together for young Rohan Patrick. Born April 11th, 2009, at 3.23kg (or 7lb 2oz). I am so grateful to him for deciding to arrive in such a trouble free/surgery free way. I’m feeling significantly better than if I had just had a C-section, that’s for sure. And I’m finally on some antibiotics for that other troublesome problem, so everything’s coming out for the better. Unfortunately someone seems to have misplaced my order for “one who sleeps at night”, so as soon as we get that sorted out, it will all be good :giggle:

Nothing untoward is going on here – this is just Rohan grooving to some tunes – his routine hearing test in the hospital (which he passed). I just think it’s a cute pic!

T Minus 5

…and counting.

Did you know I’m having a baby next week? In five days, actually (though I still haven’t completely given up on the “if not before” part of that).

Mostly, this pregnancy has been smoother than the other two, but it has had its moments. Opening gameplay with a scary high blood pressure reading (which ended up happening only the once) wasn’t a sterling way to begin. Breaking my wrist at 19 weeks wasn’t great either. Diagnosis (again) of gestational diabetes at week 27, and the really tricky time I’ve had getting on top of my blood sugars without insulin has been a bit of a bitch. (Though on the brighter side of that, I currently weigh 7kg less than I did at week 0, and I’m not sure what I’ll have to wear at all, post-birth). But the worst really has been this last several days. That gastro I mentioned last post? Well it just wouldn’t stay gone – I’ve been up and down for two weeks now, and my energy is pretty much sapped. I’m currently waiting on pathology results to see if something can be done about this before the big arrival, but as things stand at the moment (and I’m trying hard not to introduce the gory details), a second VBAC is looking pretty unlikely for me. So from his mother’s womb untimely ripped it will be for my second boy as well. At this point, I think I’ll welcome the moment.

Have a happy, chocolate filled Easter for me, would you? I have another day or so without the kids (they’re off camping with their grandad and lots of other family) – my one Easter wish is that I get to spend more of that time on the couch or in bed than in the bathroom. :ill:

Green & Blue

Green & Blue… have been showing up in my Flickr Favorites a bit of late – along with complementary browns and hits of red.

Photo Credits: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12]

Green & Blue… have been showing up in my own sewing as well – probably as a result of the above.

Green & Blue… are how I’ve been feeling this past few days. For the record, I really Do. Not. Recommend getting Gastro when one is 37 weeks pregnant. Ugh.

Recent Bits

I mentioned a recent streak of creativity yesterday. Yesterday’s post was going to be much fatter, in fact, and show you all these goodies. But then I went and did some fancy cutting and pasting and accidentally lost a whole slab of bloggity-goodness. Swear words were muttered, and the ‘executive decision’ was made to split the post in two.

So yes, I have been making a few bits and pieces. Several weeks back I went along to Nikki’s sew-along for the Rainbow Comfort Pack effort (goodies for kids affected by the recent bushfires). I spent the afternoon cutting out pieces for bags, but not sewing. It was enough to get the bug again anyway, and in the next week I made up 5 of these cutie pie recycled-woollen-jumper bunnies:

Bunny & Ball

The pattern is a freebie from Betz White, find it here. Four of these went off for the Comfort Packs, but the one above is staying here with us, for the Wee Bairn, whenever he should make his appearance. I think I had a little bit of guilt creeping in, because up until the bunny, there had been no crafting whatsoever for the new addition.

Next up was this lovely Puzzle Ball, which I’ve been wanting to make for a while now. It wasn’t quite as difficult as I had imagined. Tricky, yes, and I wish I’d worn a thimble for those last connecting stitches, but not super difficult. This pattern comes from Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. There is a similar free pattern here, which Christie has made to great success, but I think I prefer this more ‘solid’ version.

Puzzle Ball

Tunic Top

I also succumbed to a pattern in the latest issue of Ottobre magazine, and made up this tunic top for Niamh. It should fit her in… um… about 2011 or so. Whoops! I did measure her, I swear. I decided to make the next size up, since I didn’t want her to grow out of this the moment I made it. Unfortunately, Ottobre kids’ patterns are graded by height, and since Niamh is fairly slight in build, I would have been better to go with the smaller size but increase the overall length. Ah well. Eventually she’ll fill this one out. Meanwhile it’s still hanging on the wall where I took the photograph – it’s an interesting artwork 🙂 And just how adorable is that ric-rac trimmed heart pocket?

Tunic Top - Pocket Detail

Finally, finally, something for me, me, meeee. This Wildflower Pincushion has been calling my name for a while. It’s a pattern by Anna Maria Horner, and can be found on the Better Homes and Gardens (US) website, here, should you wish to make your very own. Again, fiddly, but not too bad. I probably made it a little bit trickier for myself by reducing the size by about 25%, since I didn’t want a whomping great pincushion. This is just the right size. Love it – it looks like some freaky spore-flower from outer space.

Wildflower Pincushion

Unblogged… 3 things.

This isn’t a meme, nor is it anywhere near the catch up I should be writing after months of sparse and crappy blogging, but forgive me. We are in the middle of a heatwave (hottest Melbourne week in 100 years or some equally scary statistical anomaly), and I have hit third trimester with a bang (I swore I would never have another summer pregnancy. Damn first-try conception!) So I thought I might pull up a half finished draft and post it as some kind of ‘getting back into it’ attempt. Perhaps February might yield more promising content?

Three (probably terribly boring) things I never blogged about:

#1. Back in September (I think), I entered a competition on this lovely lady’s blog. We had been considering a Waldorf doll for Niamh for Christmas, but ultimately decided the price was a bit much right now, and her third birthday was probably a more appropriate time anyway. Aaaaanyway,cutting an unnecessarily long story short – I won! Lovely Jeanette (whose name will no doubt be changed by her eventual recipient) is hiding out in the top of my wardrobe until Niamh’s birthday in June. I plan to make her some more clothes, if I ever find out where my crafty mojo got to.

#2. Around about the time I broke my wrist, Niamh decided she was toilet trained. Just like that! I have never been more thankful for something. She was just shy of 2-and-a-half, but it did seem like we had been waiting a while – she had been dithering for a while; the first time she used the potty (also completely of her own accord) was almost a year prior. But suddenly – it was all good. Including…. NIGHTS! Colour me stunned! Completely on her own she decided to start wearing ‘just jarmies’ (actually, more often than not, just the bottoms) to bed, and since then there have only been a handful of wet beds. We are now landed with the slightly awkward situation of dealing with a six-year old who still night wets vs a 2 year old who doesn’t.

#3. We’re having another boy! (This announcement was ‘Facebooked’, but some of you would have missed it). The oddest thing is, even though if pushed, I would have said I would prefer a boy this time around (it’s complicated!), immediately after finding out, I lamented the loss of a chance to have another girl. This pregnancy has been a bit like that – there are so many ‘lasts’, and a little bit of grieving for what will never be again. And no, there won’t be another, this is definitely the last for us – I like my car too much!

Two Books, Two Days

I guess I kind of got hooked into the Twilight series after all. I mean, yeah, they’re a little bit slushy-teen-romance-y, but I like a  bit of light escapism as much as the next girl!

So the weather forecast is for cold, wet and miserable this weekend in Melbourne. Great reading weather! You think I should head out and pick up the other two books?

I just checked my Books iRead on Facebook – I’ve been plugging in books this year as I read them – looks like I’ve managed 22 books so far this year – I’d say that’s one successful resolution for 2008. (Ahem… ‘more stitching’ was clearly not such a success).

Ooh, and in other (wonderful) news today – I passed my first glucose tolerance test. Whoohoo! I had to do an early one this time – at 18 weeks – on account of having had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Niamh. I was (and am still) fully expecting to have GD again – there is a fairly high probability, I’m only being realistic. But the 18 week test came back normal. Which means, although I have to repeat it at 28 weeks to see if things change, I won’t be a diabetic for Christmas! Restricted portions, no refined sugar, and four-times-daily finger pricks would not make for a terribly festive Festive Season. (Not that I’m taking this as free rein to be a sugar glutton mind you).

Edited for Hormonal Imbalance

So I wrote out this whole post, and it didn’t start out in a bad place, but it ended up in one, so I’m self-editing, because who can trust a pregnant woman to make any sense, huh?

What I really wanted to say was, thanks for coming to my pity-party the other day. All hugs and premature congratulations much appreciated, and I’ll try not to do it again… much. (Fair warning though: see most of my last pregnancy!)

Minor important details I should probably dish out here are: I’m only 9.5 weeks so far, and I’m still (probably excessively) concerned about the slapped cheek virus and possible subsequent miscarriage. Lets keep all minor appendages crossed, shall we?

On another rant entirely, tomorrow, Finn’s school is having a ‘Footy Fun Day’ – an out-of-uniform-wear-your-team-colours kind of hullabaloo. Which is fine. Except you’re looking at one of the teeny-tiny-minority of families in Victoria who do not follow AFL! I know! The Shock! The Horror!

Anyway, Finn barely knows what ‘footy’ is, except what he hears from class mates (which is mostly along the lines of ‘you should… (follow x team/y team/collect footy cards/go to Auskick)’). Whatever. I’m totally on board if he decides to do any of those things, I am. But what’s incensed me today is the suggestion that if they don’t wear footy colours tomorrow, they have to come to school in uniform. Pfft to that (if it’s accurate, which, to be fair, it may not be, since I did only heard it from Finn so far). However… since he’s a small boy who’s sometimes overly concerned about doing the right thing, I’ve convinced him that since ‘footy’ also encompasses soccer/rugby/whatever else (Gaelic football, anyone?), he can get away with wearing the only piece of football paraphernalia which exists in our house – which just happens to be….

…an All Blacks hat brought back as a souvenir for Finn from NZ by my Dad.

Ahahahahaha. Take that, patriotic loyalty :giggle:

Back next time with actual photographic evidence of crafting. I swear it’s true!

PS. We can thank Dermot for getting my blog images back in operation, since I was being a complete dolt about it. Also, he provided hugs as requested. Yay for husbands.

PPS. Finn will also be wearing other clothes. Not just the hat. In case you were concerned for his welfare and my sanity!

PPPPPPS. Is 9.5 weeks too early to be breaking out the maternity gear, d’you think?! Because, damn, third pregnancies really suck in that regard!


So I picked up all these new readers recently (hi!), and the blog has been dead ever since. Sorry ’bout that. And now, when I finally get around to paying it a visit, it turns out all my images have gone AWOL. Crap. I’m really not sure what’s up with that – it seems like some issue with my Zenphoto/Wordpress plugin, but I’m too tired and stressed to figure out what right now. So we’ll carry on picture-less, for now, k? Appropriate, really, since I don’t actually have anything to show you today.

The last two weeks, and most especially, the last three days, have been shit. (I’m not going to apologise for the language, because you know what, I’m done apologising for now). I shouldn’t and won’t bring dirty family laundry to the blog, but sometimes, I’m acutely aware that the distance between my siblings and I is not purely geographical.

I’m tired. Weary. Over the drama.

But most of all. I’m wishing that I hadn’t spent the last 24 hours Googling ‘slapped cheek disease’ and ‘pregnancy’.

(And yes… you may now feel free to draw conclusions – the whole world seems to be finding out by accident anyway)

I think I might need a hug.

No Jiggety Jig

Well, we’re home again, home again, jiggety jig, as they say. Though on account of my stitches, more likely ‘no jiggety jig’, as Finn always insists :giggle:

The news, in very brief…

In true Small fashion, she decided to rebel against all plans, and arrive a little early. Almost three weeks, actually, and boy, we were so not ready! But yay, I got to have my VBAC after all! Brief gory details: my waters broke Friday night and the hospital admitted me with the intention of going into surgery the following morning if labour didn’t come on naturally. It did. It was (relatively) fast and seriously unpleasant, as she was posterior. By the time I got an epidural, I was already fully dilated, but I’m not sure I could have successfully survived the rest without it – in another measure of conservatism on the part of the hospital, I was given a 1-hour-pushing ultimatum. From there it would have been straight to theatre. Let me tell you, that worked wonders for my motivation – I sure as heck got her out in an hour… but just! Small was born on June 3rd, 11.05am.

The girl herself is (of course) just beautiful, and true to name, and contrary to the double-chinned photo OtherHalf posted, she’s Small, at just 2.87kg (6lb 5oz)! So much tinier than Finn was, at 3.78kg (8lb 5oz).

It seems the other cat is already out of the bag – no doubt I let it slip more places than I realised 🙂 Finn’s new baby sister is Niamh Mary. For the curious, and I know you all are, Niamh is pronounced ‘Neeve’, and comes from Celtic Mythology – Niamh of the Golden Hair, daughter of Mannanan, the Celtic God of the sea. I’ll let you Google the rest of the story if you’re interested 🙂 Mary is for OtherHalf’s mother who I never knew – she died from cancer many years ago. June 3rd was also Mary’s birthday (and, coincidentally and quite sadly, her death-day), so it seemed appropriate for us to choose ‘Mary’ for a second name instead of ‘Sara’ as originally planned.

So yes. I had a rather interesting weekend! Thank you everybody for such wonderful wishes, I appreciate each and every one of you, and I’ll be back soon with more attractive pictures!

By the way… You’ll like this. Completely appropriately, my waters broke while I was sitting stitching my latest start – ‘You were hatched’, by TW! I’ll show you a WIP when I get a chance.

A quick note from OtherHalf

It will be slow news for a few days. Melanie is busy in hospital. 🙂