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FUWAT, Need a GLD*

So in case you didn’t gather already, I have an exam tomorrow afternoon – great way to spend a Saturday! Anyway, for fun (!) today, I wrote out a list of all of the acronyms I have to know and love in this unit (it’s “Secure E-Commerce”). Let me now present, for your viewing pleasure (and in no particular order): Acronym Hell!

B2B · B2C · C2C · G2B · G2C · TCP · IP · HTTP · FTP · SMTP · MAC · MAC (yes, a different one) · NIC · POP · IMAP · ICMP · SYN · ACK · DoS · DDoS · SQL · DNS · DES · DESede · IDEA · ECB · CBC · OFB · CFB · RSA · DSA · CA · PGP · GPG · DSE · SSL · TLS · WAP · WTLS · SCP · RFC · SOCKS · IETF · P3P · W3C · LAN · IDS · ARP · LDAP · AS · TGS · RADIUS · PHP · MD5 · VPN · PPTP · L2TP · SET · SWIFT · RGP · EDI · ebXML · SOAP · UCE · XSS · RSS · XML · PDF · NFS

Actually, now that I type it all out in one block, it doesn’t seem so scary as it was in a long list. And yes, I do know what all these mean, and no, there’s no prize if you do too :giggle: You note that my handy dandy Acronym Replacer plugin is helpfully telling you what some of them are… but not all… gotta keep you guessing!

Here’s an interesting bit of guff I learned from wikipedia (knower-of-all-things) a while back:

an acronym is a pronounceable word formed from the initial letter or letters of the constituent words, such as NATO (nay-toe), and an initialism is an abbreviation pronounced as the names of the individual letters, and is formed only from the initial letter of constituent words, such as TLA (tee el ay).

Who knew! I thought they were all just acronyms. Anyhoo… off to study more, must turn brain into complete mush. Wish me luck!

*Fed Up With All This, Need a Good Lie Down!