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Beautiful Blogs

I meant to write this two days ago, but haven’t quite got around to it yet (just as I haven’t quite got around to breaking/fixing all the image links on here, and I haven’t quite got around to getting a Christmas tree yet, and I haven’t quite got around to folding the laundry yet. Am I painting you a certain picture here?!)

Anyway, there are two very wonderful blogs I have been reading for about 6 months now. Each was one I merely stumbled across, enjoyed, and was thrilled to discover were Australian. So I kept reading. Each just achieved major kudos in an ‘Australia’s Best Blog’ competition, arriving in 2nd and 4th places. Yay 🙂

So go now, discover Claire of loobylu (who has a 3 year old and is pregnant, and lives in Melbourne, but this is where the resemblance to me ends, as she is brilliant and gorgeous :giggle: ) and Karen of karencheng (also a gorgeous and talented mother, from WA this time). Their blogs are both uplifting, beautiful spaces, and I am never disappointed when I pay a visit.