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(I’m playing along with Kirsty today- see here if you’re curious. Hi Kirst!)

Still feeling totally inspired by the handmade issue of mankind mag from my favourite design blog.
Q What is the blog author’s first name? ANSWER: Erin
use the first letter – LETTER: E

We like to keep lunch casual, I’ve found some fabulous BBQ recipes for the big day.
Q What type of meat is pictured on the rotisserie? ANSWER: Lamb
use the first letter – LETTER: L

Getting some great ideas for upcycling (my favourite craft) & enjoying the revamp over at this fabulous craft website.
Q They list everyone’s favourite mama as one of their inspirational sites. Which mama is she? ANSWER: Soulemama
use the second letter – LETTER: O

Looking forward to being able to buy handmade at the shopping shindig with the craft book Queen.
Q What type of car is pictured? ANSWER: Volkswagon Beetle
use the first letter – LETTER: V

All these letters unscramble to reveal: WHAT? is all you need.

LOVE (is all you need)

(Well… Love and chocolate, anyway! -Mel)

Geez, I hope I got the time right. My version of WordPress is a wee bit confused about Daylight Savings time, and I’ve never quite got around to fixing it.


Look at all that lovely de-lurking down there! Thank you for all the kind comments on my birthday post. (Only one ‘You’re Ace’ though. Hmmmm.) I’m delighted to announce that the ten pretty flossies will be making their way to Valerie any day now.


I was going to give you photographic evidence of the name-draw as carried out by my barrel boy, Finn – but Melbourne winter evening + poor kitchen lighting did not permit. Besides – see above. It looked kind of like that! You’re just going to have to take my word for it 🙂

Valerie, if you would be so kind as to send me your details, I’ll have the floss off in the mail to you ASAP.

Oh, by the way, if anyone else is interested in what happened to my floss dyeing tutorial (I had an email a little while back about this), I do plan on getting it back up at some point – hopefully with accompanying photographs. In the meanwhile, I have the text of it available as a PDF, so just email me if you’re interested in doing some dyeing of your own!

For Jenna

Cards for Jenna

Today’s Show & Tell comes to you courtesy of my ‘1000th comment giveaway’. Remember that, waaaay back in November? Nope, didn’t think so! Jenna had probably well and truly given up on me by the time her package arrived… this week! I have no good excuse – I had gathered together a little bunch of goodies months ago, but then wanted to make something to include as well… but seeing as I had lost my stitching-mojo along the way somewhere, I was stumped for awhile. Finally, finally, I settled on some personalised Gocco-printed stationery. I put together a little starry design based on Jenna’s blog theme, had lots of fun printing it up, packaging it all together in little organza bags, and finally got that package off. I’m so glad it has arrived, Jenna, and so glad you like everything 🙂

Oh, and can I just say for the rest of you – I am sorry about these pictures. I was trying to finish everything up while Niamh was napping that day, and I just didn’t manage to get the best photographs. You’ll just have to believe me when I (very modestly) tell you these look so much better in the flesh!

Cards for Jenna

(Stars courtesy of the 90 Stars BRK font found at Da Font)

Lucky 1000

Way back in August, I announced I’d be sending a little ‘thankyou’ package to the person who made the 1000th comment on Million Stitches. Perhaps I was a little premature in my announcement – posting and commenting has been a wee bit slow since! It took us three months, but we finally got there. And the lucky commenter is….dum dum dum daaaaa…. Jenna! Hooray, one of my favourite people 😆 I’ll be popping your goodies into the mail in the next week or so Jenna. Thank you everyone who has dropped in and left a comment or thirty over my two years as a blogger – I very much appreciate you all 😳

A Wee Finish

Many moons ago, I made the Big List, coming clean about my WIPs. I also planned to start a Rotation in order to get my number of WIPs under 10. Ha! Every time the word ‘rotation’ is mentioned, I seem to run screaming. In fact, I’m convinced it’s what causes stitching slumps (for me)!

Nevertheless, I have managed to finish three from the list since then – Kaitlin, Bumblebee, and just yesterday I put the final stitches in the November Sampler Accent by Periwinkle Promises. See… Fridays the 13th aren’t all bad :giggle:

November Sampler Accent

Annette gifted me with this design in a Seasonal Exchange a while back. I’m so glad I’ve got around to finishing it, it’s lovely. I plan to finish this as described in the instructions – as a little tasselled cushion.

In a little bit of a departure for me, I actually stitched the personalisation details. I changed it a little bit, as I didn’t like the way the year was originally split. I think my way works nicely.

Now… would anybody out there like to have this chart and the leftover silk threads it came with? (The threads are probably not enough to finish the design a second time). Just say the word and I’ll drop it in the mail for you 🙂

Hmmm… what to stitch on next…?