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Welcome to Sugarlemon. Glad you could make it 🙂 There might be a smidgen of construction debris over the next little while as I tinker, but all in all, I think I’ve settled in quite well. There’s a wee little ‘About Me’ bit up there, and the Progress Bars are there too. Sugarlemon also has a gallery installation, feel free to look around if you like.

All of the archives from Million Stitches are here, and I’ve been through and repaired all broken image links (I think!) A few posts have been password protected, and except for the last few months worth of posts, comments and trackbacks are closed. You can always email me though 🙂

I wish I had more to share, but it’s the end of a rough old week. Off to get some family time in. See you soon.


So hi. Thought I’d better let you know where I am. I’ve been (and am still) busy over at my blog’s new home, getting things into order before I let you in the door 🙂

I may be some time – I’m manually going through all of my archives, making sure all of the images are in the one spot, and not lost in the giant ether somewhere, among other little tidying-up chores. I’ve been blogging since May of 2005, and so far I’m only up to March 2006! It is starting to move along a little bit quicker now though, mostly because sometime around then I got a bit more organized with my image categorization.

Meanwhile, in the non-virtual world, I’m battling an unpleasant post-viral sinus infection, which is making me all kinds of grumpy, so the two-week school holidays have been a bit of a bummer. Still, we’ve managed a little bit of this and that – some catching up with friends, a visit to ‘Circus Ringbarkus’, and a wee bit of home crafting, and there are still a few days left yet, so it’s not all a dead loss.

Anyway, hang about, amuse yourselves, I’ll be back soon (I hope) in my new digs.

Inspiration, Celebration

Well lookie here. My wee biscornus got a little spot on the Focus on Finishing blog. Thanks Karen! Glad I could provide some inspiration – I’ve been feeling a little short of that myself lately.

In order to try getting myself inspired to stitch again, I’ve been going through my stash and weeding out some of what I don’t need. I’m not fully organised yet, but I’ve been doing some ebaying and Freecycling, and in the next couple of days, I’ll post a few more things I have for sale but can’t be bothered ebaying up on the blog, so keep your eyes out.

While looking back into my archives for the details on the car story, I realised that in May this year, I missed the second anniversary of my blog’s birth. So, uh, Happy 2-years-2-months-and-a-bit Blogiversary to me! Since I missed that celebration, I’m going to celebrate the 1000th comment on this blog instead. I’m going to start putting together a little something for the person who leaves the 1000th comment on Million Stitches… but I’m not going to tell you how close we are to that milestone yet! I assure you, it’s at least a handful of posts away, and given my recent post frequency, it could take some time to get there. Or not. We shall see :giggle:


Thanks for the heads-up, Christine 🙂

Sorry people, I was (obviously) fiddling with the look and widgets on the blog, and something was not quite right. If you access the blog via RSS you should have had no problems, but it was a wee bit broken for the rest of you (and me – I couldn’t even access the admin panel this morning). Should be okay now, please let me know if it isn’t.

This look is (hopefully) a temporary stopping point. I was weary of the old theme, but have no-time to finish working on my own (it does have a tantalising title though – ‘Floss Garden’ 🙂 ). So I thought this was a nice fresh, simple theme to adopt in the meanwhile.

…And Chocolate

Happy hundredth post to me
Happy hundredth post to me
Happy one hundredth post dear Me-eeee
Happy hundredth post to me

Well, according to my admin panel, anyway. I sure as heck am not going back to count :giggle:

I was going to celebrate the occasion with some stitching porn. My SB&B order arrived, yee-hah! But I forgot to get photos while we still had light, so that will have to wait for later. Or perhaps I’ll wait for my Silkweaver and Country Stitch orders (Oh yes, I have burned that wagon to the ground, that’s for sure) to arrive, and take a photo of the whole lot together. Yummy, yummy stash!

So I thought I would treat you to my personal rant for the day. Peppermint chocolate eggs. Or rather, the lack thereof.

Am I the only person here who has an invisible “And Chocolate” on the bottom of every shopping list I write? Please tell me I’m not alone, or I’ll weep! Anyway, on tonight’s supermarket excursion, I was meandering past the Easter eggs, and my “And Chocolate” magically appeared. Just like that! I’ve got over my shock at seeing Easter eggs in the stores by, what was it – January 4th, or thereabouts?! So I thought I’d have a little look-see.

No Peppermint Filled Eggs!


Last Easter, no peppermint eggs. I was hoping it was just a glitch… a little oversight which would be hastily corrected. But no. I am so sad. I didn’t buy any eggs… in protest. Or something. I just had a little grumble and went and picked up a standard bar o’ chocolate instead. Grumble grumble.

If there are (preferably Cadbury) peppermint eggs hiding out in any other corner of Australia, could someone let me know? I’ll trade stash 😉 (got plenty of that coming my way)!


We’re currently undertaking a change of server, and after that I plan to totally reorganize my site. The blog address will remain the same, but there could be some unplanned downtime and I’m sure I’ll manage to break lots of image links :topsy: so in the next few days it could be somewhat unattractive around here. Sorry… I promise to have it back to normal asap!


The sound you hear is me emerging from under my mountain of notes and textbooks, to discover myself still stuck beneath mountains of boxes in the new house.

Yes, we’ve been here for 2 weeks and it looks frankly worse than it did on the day after we moved in. A lot of stuff has been unpacked, but a lot of boxes are only half unpacked, in the frantic search for this-that-or-the-other, which leaves us with M-E-S-S 🙁 I’d like to say I’ll get on top of it soon, but health-wise, things are kind of difficult at the moment. I’m feeling really good for only a few hours in each day, and I’m trying to spend those playing with Finn, lest he nominate me for world’s worst mother:giggle: (And after I accidentally opened a door in his face the other day, believe me, I’m in the running. Poor kid :ouch: ).

I did finally get my redwork exchange piece finished and off in the mail, only a day late. I’m feeling somewhat anxious about the finishing of the piece. Not what it is, but what colour it is (hint: not red). The rules didn’t say the finishing should be red, but the other finishes I’ve seen already are all red. I just didn’t find a red fabric that worked for me, and what I chose does make the redwork stitching stand out. I just hope it is well received, because I like it 🙂

Now on to doing my Christmas ornament exchange. Huge hugs to Cathy for the 2005 Just Cross Stitch Ornaments issue – I love a lot of the ornaments this year, so I’m going to try and settle on one from there to stitch.

Not much else in the works at the moment, due to the feeling-like-crap thing. Sleeping is high on my list of priorities, that’s for sure. Will try and be around a bit more often though… I’m missing blogging, and feel like I’ve dropped out of the community a little bit in the past weeks.

Post #45

This is the mysterious Post #45. It’s been sitting at the top of my blog Admin panel blowing raspberries at me for some time. It’s time something was done about it!

Sometimes, I start some amazingly witty blog post, don’t finish it, and save it as a draft. When I come back to it, it seems somehow less amazingly witty. So I just leave it there to fester. But I really can’t stand the unfinished posts just sitting up there. So I’m overwriting said unwittiness with this post, and sending Post #45 out there into the world to fend for itself.

You know what’s going to bug me though? The post list is going to be all out of order now. Instead of going 60, 61, 62, 63, 64…, my post list will read 60, 61, 62, 62, 45, 64, 59! Fifty-nine! Yep, that’s the other of my malingering drafts. I’ll recycle it the day after tomorrow (or thereabouts) to get rid of it. I can’t recycle it for tomorrow, because 64 is already written, and timestamped for tomorrow. After 59, I’ll have a clean slate again, and numbering can progress as normal. I wish WordPress didn’t assign post numbers until actual publication, but since I’m not going to go developing a way around that, I guess I can’t complain about it.

Oh. I just did? Well, whatever.

In other bloggity-news, I finally realised my pinging problem was not going to solve itself, so I added BlogRolling to my auto-notify list. (The WP default is to notify ping-o-matic, which is supposed to notify everything else, but evidently it wasn’t). Fingers crossed in the hope this will actually work, and you won’t need to waste your time coming over here when I haven’t updated in a week 🙂

I’m Not Ignoring You

I won’t be commenting on a number of peoples blogs anymore, it seems 🙁 If you’re one of them, then I’m sorry. I am still reading, but I am not going to sign up for a Blogger account just to enable me to make comments.

I understand that you’ve switched off anonymous comments in order to block comment spam, I do. It just irritates me that Blogger require a signon for commenting. So I won’t do it.

I could add a little plug here for WordPress and its very effective default comment moderation behaviour which stops comment spam in its tracks. But of course I wouldn’t do that :giggle:

Does your mother know?

It’s late, it’s late. My brain is fried from studying. Tonight’s review topic? The motivation and methods of hackers. Seems kind of appropriate, given the ezBoard woes.

So let me tell you about a WordPress plugin I won’t be installing. Does your mother know allows bloggers to designate certain posts private, and block them from certain visitor IP addresses. So if you know your mother is reading your blog and you want to keep something from her, you designate it private, with <!--private-->, and add her IP to your list.

Hmmm…this could lead to an interesting issue. What if your mother visits Great-Aunt Maisie, and wants to show her your blog (yes Great-Aunt Maisie is connected to the Internet, why do you ask? Well, let’s just assume, ok?!) Suddenly, Mum is confronted with all these posts you’ve been ‘hiding’ from her, because Great-Aunt Maisie’s IP address is not in your block list. “My little girl did what? And with who…? Oh my eyes, my eyes!”

Why write about something you don’t want people to see? Blogs are public by nature. At the very least, if you must, you can password protect bits you don’t want viewed. But still… why bother. If it’s private, keep it private. Personally, I’ve learned that lesson, via unwanted visitors to my diary as a teenager. And heck… in 20 years time, I don’t want to dig up my blog via the Wayback Machine and find anything I’ve written that embarrasses me! So if you’re looking for that stuff… it’s not going to be here!