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Tinker tinker

I’ve set the blog up now for ‘pretty permalinks’. That makes the permanent links for posts look more human-friendly. Course, I’m moving everything to my new domain as soon as I can, so the current permalinks aren’t terribly perma just yet!

I’ve also added the default Calendar into the sidebar. It wasn’t playing nice with positioning, but I’ve made it sit properly for now. Not sure I’m going to keep it, but it’s kind of a nice feature.

I’ve also installed three more plugins:

Acronym Replacer, from Joel Bennett
adds a predefined acronym tag to a number of terms. Which means that when I type WIP, I don’t need to explain it for my non-stitching readers, and when I type PHP, I don’t need to explain it for non-geeky readers. Just hold your mouse over the underlined words to see an explanation. Just in case you’re wondering, no, this plugin doesn’t come standard with stitching terms… I added those:lol:
Theme Switcher, by Ryan Boren
Actually, this one I added, then disabled. It’s kind of cool, allows readers to view my blog in the installed theme of their choice, but a) I only have one theme other than the Classic or Default installed so far, and b) I am a control freak, and want readers to look at the blog my way:lol:
Countdown, by Owen Winkler
Counts down the days until my very important dates – currently located under the calendar. So childish!

Lastly but not leastly, I know my feeds (RSS/Atom) are not working. It’s something to do with my sub-domain, I’m trying to figure out what. At any rate, that is something which will be fixed once I move this over to the new domain.