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Bl*gger Behaving Badly

Okay, so I wrote a little rant about how Bl*gger is ticking me off, what with its changes stopping (non-Bl*gger) bloggers from linking our URL to our comments (not 100% true – hyperlinks can still be included in the body of the comment, it does get a little tiresome typing/cut-n-pasting the html in though).

However. I’ve done a little digging and it seems this might just be a part of the Bl*gger shift to supporting OpenID. Which is, apparently, A Good Thing. I just wonder why Google/Bl*gger made this annoying little change over to the next-to-useless ‘Nickname’ field instead of leaving us with the option of including our (non-Bl*gger) URL in the ‘Other’ section. Really. They’re just pissing people off. The assumption many bloggers seem to be making at the moment is that Google/Bl*gger are trying to coerce everyone into having an account with them (which is possibly also true, I grant you).

I have found many a new and interesting blog through following links in the comment section of other blogs. I’ve been ‘found’ by other readers in the same way. This latest development is just plain irritating, and (cue my very best Pauline Hanson voice)… I don’t like it!

Must go and check out OpenID some more though. Sounds useful.

Then I have to go finish beating Dermot at Scrabble (a rare occurrence) and sew together eleventy-million pre-schoolers’ Christmas stockings. There will be glitter all over this place for months!

Edit: Here’s some of the discussion re. Bl*gger and OpenID, at http://blog.wired.com/monkeybites, http://www.notsorelevant.com, http://mashable.com and http://googlesystem.blogspot.com

I’m Not Ignoring You

I won’t be commenting on a number of peoples blogs anymore, it seems 🙁 If you’re one of them, then I’m sorry. I am still reading, but I am not going to sign up for a Blogger account just to enable me to make comments.

I understand that you’ve switched off anonymous comments in order to block comment spam, I do. It just irritates me that Blogger require a signon for commenting. So I won’t do it.

I could add a little plug here for WordPress and its very effective default comment moderation behaviour which stops comment spam in its tracks. But of course I wouldn’t do that :giggle: