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My Precioussss!

It would seem that I am a hoarder. Well, OK, I actually knew that. But what I didn’t know is how extraordinarily difficult it is for me to throw anything away. Our impending move is making this problem abundantly clear to me. Books are the worst, it is just agonizing for me to try culling our collection. I am slightly better at throwing OtherHalf’s books into the ‘must-go’ pile, but books I’ve amassed myself are a whole different story :giggle: We did manage to donate half a box of ancient cookbooks to the Op-shop – mostly lovely 1970’s offerings, full of that peculiarly orange style of photography, and wholly unappetizing recipes. Practically everything else has been boxed up to take with us (including the books OtherHalf rescued from my must-go pile!)

But hey… books are understandable, right? Lots of people cling dearly to their book collections. I’m totally sane. Well. Except for the next bit…

Today, it was the bathroom cupboard’s turn to be trimmed down. Our new house (hee… those words still give me a little thrill) has no storage in the bathroom. Well, it has a very narrow little medicine cabinet thingy behind the mirror. But nothing else. So until we manage to scrape some cash together for renovation (that may be quiiiiiite a while), we have to pare down what we keep in the bathroom. Hmmmm. Seems we have about a million bottles of sunscreen lotion, and the same again of moisturiser. And hair product, and fragrance… where the heck did it all come from? And why am I physically incapable of throwing it out?! This is crazy stuff. For goodness sake, Finn was weaned 18 months ago. Why do I need to keep nursing pads? I honestly can’t explain my behaviour – I did manage eventually to bag and bin about a third of what was there (nursing pads included), but there is still more that should go… and I just can’t seem to do it! I have adopted the plan that instead of throwing it out, we should use it up. So for the next 6 weeks, expect me to be frightfully moist, sun-protected, hair-styled and smelly aromatic, in a bid to get rid of the bottles in our cupboard. Or, you know, you could come over and throw them out while my back is turned!

I think I’ll cry when I get to my mountains of crafty-stuff 🙁

Stash of a Different Variety

Aaaah… feeling better today. I went into the city, ostensibly to study at uni, but I got up to some retail therapy as well (forget now everything I said about saving money the other day 😆 ). Prompted by my answer to the gift certificate question on The Wagon, and encouraged by OtherHalf, I went to Lush. I bought:

  • Dreamtime ~ for tomorrow night 🙂
  • Double Bubble ~ for sometime when I feel like being… pink and glittery!
  • Black Magic ~ clary sage, geranium, ylang ylang… yum! I think I could become addicted to their massage bars yes-indeedy
  • Little Monkey ~ for Finn. He had some in his bath tonight. It turns the water a disconcerting shade of yellow 😯 but it smells great

plus I was given a sample of:

  • Demon in the Dark ~ which smells glorious (big mint fan here), and I think I’ll shower with it pre-exam tomorrow, to give me the edge 😆

But wait, there’s more. I recently (like in the last 24 hours) discovered that there’s a new Borders open in the CBD… just across the road from uni. Well, we all know where I’ll be spending my ‘study time’ now, don’t we! I popped in there – it’s a bit smaller than the other two Melbourne stores, but still a great sized book shop. I picked up

Hmmm… seems Finn scored more today than I did! Never mind. I had fun. Notice how all those books are about Wild, Energetic, Loud young children? I wonder if there’s something in that? :giggle: