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Stuff 1 & Stuff 2

(Aka a-very-boring-blog-post)

Stuff 1
My order arrived a few days back, and the bits I couldn’t remember were a couple of Elizabeth’s Designs charts: Red Door and Nature’s Alphabet. Nice! I saw Junette’s finished Nature’s Alphabet ages ago, and liked it then, but when I saw Carol’s finished fobs (here, here, here… and more…), I was completely sold. So pretty!

Stuff 2
It appears Niamh suddenly prefers bottle to boob at bedtime. I am simultaneously saddened yet relieved it wasn’t difficult. Only snuggly-in-bed-morning-feeds left now, and who knows how few of those to go 🙁


Every year, I think it would be wonderful to celebrate Midwinter with a traditional Yuletide bash, all the trimmings included (Christmas being not quite the same thing, at this end of the world!) Every year, I manage to not-quite-get-around-to-it. This year, of course, I do have a slightly better excuse than previously. Though Niamh and I did ‘celebrate’ into the wee hours of the longest night of the year – she enjoyed many a drink, and I collapsed in a heap at the end of it all. Sigh…

As I write this, we are once again deep into the cluster/comfort feeding hours. I know this will come to an end, truly I do. I know it won’t be long until I enjoy the delights of a full night’s sleep again. It’s just so difficult to see through that tunnel right now.

Thank the Powers That Be for late night Tim Tams! (Did you know they’re now available in choc-orange flavour? Yummy 🙂 )

And now, lest you think that all I ever do is complain (and lest she ever grows up to read my blog!) – the lovelier side of Niamh. She truly is a different creature from Finn. Not that he isn’t a gentle and beautiful person now, of course, but jinkies we went through hell in his first several weeks. Niamh is altogether a calmer baby – she rarely cries, ‘cept for a plaintive wail or two if I’m a bit delayed in ‘getting dinner ready’! Excepting these late evening hours, she largely self-settles, unlike her big brother, who required hours upon hours of rocking, pacing and patting before he would sleep at this age. And even during this ‘fussy’ time, she is mostly quiet – just so, so awake! She just wants to feed and feed and feed – making up for her tininess to begin with, I think. At today’s weigh-in she was up 435g on a week ago 😯

She is also, however, the noisiest sleeper I have ever come across. And we know whose side of the family that comes from, don’t we?!