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Hankies Your Granny Wouldn’t Use

I went Brown Owling last night. We had a bit of fun embellishing/improving store bought hankies. The Gocco was out and Pip and the Owls were printing their little hearts out, but I decided embroidery was more my style. ‘Bless you’. Short, sweet, to the point.

But then Leah and I decided on a much more Alice in Wonderland sentiment. I tried to resist. I did. But I couldn’t. Sorry :giggle:

On a related note… I am actually surprised how few people use handkerchiefs. I always have. There’s nothing nicer to blow your nose on, I think! We very rarely buy a box of tissues (sometimes if the whole family is laid up with the sneezles and wheezles). Amanda at Soulemama has a lovely idea for storing your hankies, on this post.

Life Looks Better When…

…on Monday, you take off with a baby, a ball of wool yarn, and a crochet hook, and go chill out with a bunch of crafty Owls for cheese and cider night.

…on Tuesday, you manage to purge five whole bags of kid’s clothes, shoes and books from the house (hurrah!), and come home from the op-shop with a very special purple spangled magician’s jacket for the dressups chest. (Girl child then wears the bling out to the post- and medicare offices, to the amusement of all).

…you forget what you did on Wednesday and Thursday, but that’s okay, they were probably boring days!

…on Friday, you head out to meet another bunch of lovely crafty girls for tea and cakes. (let’s not talk about the fact that on Friday I left the house without the nappy bag! Thank you Lara for bailing me out… twice!) Thank you to super-dooper Nikki M for hosting, and to Tania, Cathy, Louise, Lara, Cath, Jodie, Gina, Anna, Lara, Teegan, Margaret, Cathy, Nikki, Liz, Sandra, Fi, Ann Marie and Nikki (did I miss anyone!?) for the good time.

…on Saturday, you breakfast out on pancakes with a gorgeous family (well, mine, anyway 🙂 ), find a spangly top hat to go with spangly magician’s jacket, dress up the girl child and go a-partying (heck does that girl know how to party!) Come home, exhausted, and bum out on the couch with teh Internets until some ungodly hour.

…and on at least two of those nights, you manage to get some decent ess-el-ee-ee-pee. (Ssssh. Don’t say the ess-word out loud!)

Life looks better.

Gifts & Toadstools

Please excuse the blog’n’run. I just wanted to show you Jane’s gift to me, from mixtogether while I have a ‘spare’ moment (not that it really is. Is it ever?) Anyhoo:
Jane sewed this lovely ‘portfolio’ for me – on the inside, there are journals left and right, and a spot for things to write with:
On the left side is this journal, a compendium of different bits and pieces (music stave, graph paper, vellum, recycled photocopy paper) bound together by Jane. I love this idea, it makes a wonderful eclectic little book. Great for doodling bits and ideas in:
And on the right (not actually pictured, because the camera battery ran flat just at that moment!) is a larger size Moleskine journal – my very first ever of the ‘legendary’ Moleskines. A nice big unlined Moleskine definitely demands something more classy than doodles or todo lists as long as one’s arm (which is what I have today)… I shall have to take up watercolour painting or something!

Also. While I am showing off gifties, I must apologise to Barbara, who sent me this wee little floss tag a little while ago as a Thank You for sending her a chart. Aren’t these just the cross-stitch ‘thing-of-the-moment’? I love it, and I am definitely going to have to make some more of these. Niamh snaffled it the moment it arrived, as you can see:
(This was an ‘experimental-bed-in-the-loungeroom’ day. Did I mention already I was not coping with the demise of the Afternoon Nap?)

Also, just very quickly (because this has turned into less of a drive-by blogging, and more of an essay!), a little snap of my toadstool pincushion from Brown Owls on Monday night. You might have seen them doing the blog rounds already, but here’s mine. Complete with ‘ten-minutes-left-to-go-what-shall-I-do-now’ ladybird addition (which is also out of focus, I am just now noticing. Pfft).
One of the things I love about Brown Owls is the spontaneity of the projects. Normally at home I will agonize over materials and details for way too long. But once a month or so on a Monday, there’s a whole lot less ‘how should it look’, and a whole lot more ‘let’s just have some fun’ (and some tea and some biscuits and some gossip chatter). Cool.