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My Blog Should Be Purple

According to Blogthings. Just in case you were wondering 🙂


“You’re an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything. You tend to set blogging trends, and you’re the most likely to write your own meme or survey. You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you – not what anyone else has to say.”

Well damn straight. Who else is it going to be about?!

Don’t know about that setting blogging trends bit though. It took me until 2005 to even start this thing, so I’d say I’m pretty far behind in trendset-iness.

I’m not really interested in making my blog purple, so nyah, Blogthings. I have many ideas running through my head for my perpetually delayed template re-jig, not one of them is purple.

Dum de dum…

This post is rather full of good nothing-ness, isn’t it? I need more nothing-ness in my life. I would rather be stitching, but in the 10 minutes I’m taking a study break for, I would get next to nothing done, and would want to stitch for the next 2 hours, instead of slaving away on a Web Databases assignment.

Speaking of stitching, I received goodies yesterday! So happy – Laura sent me a wonderful chart, (which Finn promptly decided I should start stitching for him, but since he deleted a vital chunk of my Usability Engineering assignment on Tuesday, he’s not in line to be demanding anything of the sort :grr: ). Sorry, I digress. It’s Unicorn, by Peter Underhill. Finn does have a point, it would be pretty funky for a boy’s bedroom 😆 Then Mum arrived, and forced new fabric on me! A beautiful bluey-purpley solo from Silkweaver – and a huge piece, too. I’m envisioning a Mirabilia Fairy on it. Can’t wait to stitch again.

Before I disappear, here’s the 5 second update on the Grrr things in my life (in case you care):

    ~ Auto-pinging: I think not working. Let’s see how it goes this time. Will manually ping if necessary. Update: nope, it IS working. Yippee!
    ~ Car: fully repaired as of today – ask me again on Sunday! 😛
    ~ Washing Machine: not working, but problem finally diagnosed.
    ~ Washing Machine Company: won’t replace, will repair.
    ~ Stupid motorist who hit my car and denied it: Hmmm, I actually don’t know. Must find out what’s going on with that. I’m kind of curious to know what story she’s going to come up with :giggle:

Smash Magnet


You’re gonna love this!

Five hours after I wrote that last post?

My brother-in-law backed into my car.

My newly repaired car, not four days after picking it up from the repairer.

:grr: :grr: :grr:

I’m able to smile (wanly) about it now. At the time, I had a minor breakdown in the bathroom. Stupid, really. All the things that are going on in my life are so infinitesimally small… it’s just that cumulative effect thing taking a hold.

In better news, the exam timetable for this semester came out today. I know, that doesn’t sound much like a good thing. And in fact, it is a little scary, my two exams are within two days of each other. The good bit is that my exams are earlier this semester, so I get it over and done with. Last semester I had three weeks of twiddling my thumbs er… I mean studying, before the exams. This time, I’ll be done on the 29th of October, so I’ll have two entire months off before my final unit in January. Yay!

Why I’m Grumpy Today

This is pretty much just a cut-n-paste from a post I made on The Wagon, so I’m sorry if you’ve already read it. But I’m pretty shaken by this, so forgive me if I seem preoccupied with todays events.

You remember the accident? The uninsured driver? Well…

…it now transpires that the girl who hit me is claiming she was not at fault, and requesting I PAY FOR HER REPAIRS!!!! I am speechless and in shock. What is more, she is blatantly lying with regards to the existence of an independent witness. I saw her leave the scene at the same time as I did, and travel quite some distance along the same road I did (in fact, I thought she was going to hit me again at one point). She didn’t get a witness at the time we were at the scene (I now wish I had thought to do so, or call the police, but she seemed to admit she was at fault at the time, so I trusted she would do the same later – like, say, I would, because I’m an honest kinda person). I really find it difficult to believe she could have found anybody who witnessed the collision still in the car park if she went back later. So I think she’s lying, or someone has agreed to lie for her. And I feel like it’s my word against hers/theirs. I’m really upset about this.

My insurers, after being a bit of a pain over some missed damage, are now being somewhat helpful again, and saying they still believe me. What’s more, they will have their investigators check out the damage to her car, see how it relates to my story, and interview her ‘witness’. They say that I have done all the right things so far. But I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight anyway. She looks like the kind of person who might have big scary male relatives to send around my way, and she knows where I live! 😥

I just want this all to go away. Gonna go and have a big cry now.

Addendum to the Previous Post

I’m not the only person celebrating a big b’day in October. I know someone who will be turning 21 a few days after my big bash. I won’t be sending a gift though – she’s the driver who collided with my car not ten minutes after I found out the good news about our house :ouch:

I didn’t write about this the other day, I was trying not to let this annoyance spoil my day. Now though, it’s not such a “little annoyance”. I do have some sympathy for her – I’ve caused my share of accidents (3, for the record, none of them recent), and it’s a horrible thing to happen, especially when you’re young and inexperienced. I do not, however, have any sympathy for drivers who choose to risk driving when they don’t have any insurance 😡  😡  😡 Are you kidding me?! If you aren’t prepared to pay for third party property insurance at the very least, you damn well shouldn’t be on the road! I personally believe third party property insurance should be mandatory. Without it, you’re taking a huge gamble every time you drive. Frankly, she’s lucky she hit me, in my 10-year-old Camry, and not a brand new Mercedes Benz or Porsche.

I wasn’t hurt, and nor was she, and I’m so glad Finn wasn’t in the car. I, being a responsible driver, do have insurance, and my lovely wonderful insurance company is taking care of the entire repairs process. Unfortunately for me, that process is going to take 10 days (yes, the damage is substantial), and my insurance only provides for a discount on hiring a car, it’s not free. With the impending house purchase, I really don’t have the $$$ to hire, so I’m taking Finn on a train trip to Mum’s place tomorrow to borrow her extra car.

I think one 20-year-old is about to learn a scary lesson about insurance. She is under the misguided impression that she will only be asked to pay my excess. Um… no! She’ll shortly be receiving a bill for over $2000 😮 And good luck to my insurers getting that money – she has already informed me she doesn’t have any. Thankfully I don’t have to do the debt-collection duties!