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Some time back I signed up for a blog meetup – ‘Mixtogether’ – held by Nichola & Justine (aka the crafty girls behind Mixtape Zine). Sounded good – come up with a crafty gift (the theme this time being Creative Journals), turn up, meet & greet other crafty-bloggy girls, eat & drink yummy stuff. Yay. Only we know how good I am with deadlines, so it’s probably not terribly surprising to you that – with the Mixtogether on today – I was just starting my gift two days ago!

Anyway, long story short (too late!). I got it all done in time with only a few moments of panicky stress and swap anxiety (would it be good enough? would I be laughed out of Amitie in shame?) I’ve been meaning to have a go at some bookbinding for ages (Dermot gave me this book for Christmas – it came in handy). This binding is a Japanese stab binding, with a hinged front cover. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, and I’m pretty sure Nichola liked it too 🙂

Here’s the inside of the journal so you can see the funky end papers (it’s difficult to photograph a book that by design does not lay flat):

And to go with this, I whipped up a pencil roll which is a slightly more grown up version of the crayon and pencil rolls I’ve made before. This kind of just evolved from fabrics I had in stash. It’s a little bit reminiscent of the aesthetic of two of my very favourite bloggers, I think (Tree Fall and Soulemama).

Here’s the inside – Finn helped me to pick out floss colours to match all the coloured pencils (they’re watercolour pencils, in case you’re wondering about the paint brush there in the middle):

And a close up, coz I just can’t get over those little circles! They were fun to stitch while we were watching the Olympic opening ceremony last night:

Despite me feeling less than perfect (random virus #27 (or so) for the year is still hanging about, and I have an ongoing headachy thing), the mixtogether afternoon was lovely. I received a beautifully made portfolio from Jane, but that will have to wait for some morning light before I get photographs. I’m dragging me and my sore head off to bed.

Grrrrrr. And Aaaaargh. And Rawr.

It has not been a great day. Let me just tell you two things which should never be together. Sand. And Laptop.

Yessirree… fun and games in the Sugarlemon household this morning. The F-word may or may not have been used 😳

Anyway, we aren’t going to dwell on that now, are we? (Fear not – I talked Niamh into a nap, and spent that time taking the keyboard apart and judiciously applying the vacuum and canned air. All is well.)

Instead, I have an actual post-with-photographs lined up! For starters, here’s the pic I grabbed yesterday with the intention of joining Kirsty’s On My Desk meme. So here’s my ‘desk’. Aka the kitchen table. Let’s be generous and call it a ‘workspace’ shall we?

On my desk Jul 30

This is pretty much all leftover cruft from Monday and Tuesday craftiness. Do you see that little sketch of an idea just there? And the pattern pieces, and the scraps of fabric? And that really looong needle? Well, lookee here:

Leopold 01

Yay. I had an idea come to fruition for once! I’ve taken off the softy training-wheels. This here is Leopold – my very first ever original stuffed critter. I’ve had a couple of ideas rumbling around in my head for a while, and I finally decided to just go for it and see if I could make them work. You can see a bit more of how he’s constructed in this photo:

Leopold & Niamh

He’s basically four ‘2D’ components stitched together through the middle (hence that very long needle). After a bit of faffing around, I’m really happy with him. I’m really happy with the ribbon-tag mane.

Leopold 02

King of the jungle indeed. How convenient that our backyard is looking particularly jung-ular (!) at the moment 🙂

Leopold is off to Pip, hopefully tomorrow, for the Softies for Mirabel cause. Niamh is not totally on board with this idea, and I have a feeling I’m going to miss his friendly face as well. I think there may well be a Leopold Mk II in my near future. In fact, I was also considering a hand puppet version…

Pip and Loggin

Ha… lured you in with the promise of ‘fascinating’, didn’t I?! Well, maybe it’s not fascinating so much as ‘quirky’. Finn and I had a great time making sock puppets yesterday. Well, when I say we made them, I of course mean I made them. Finn was the project co-ordinator, and made all of the important colour decisions. So may I introduce to you ‘Pip’, on the left (otherwise known as the ‘trial run’, in which we discovered that glue didn’t cut it, and I was in fact going to have to use needle and thread), and ‘Loggin’, on the right, who has pointy ears “just like you Mum”! (Yes, I do indeed have a pointy ear… just one though. I must show you sometime :giggle: )

Small joys like sock puppets and a three year old boy who plays ‘pretend’ all day are helping to make my week better.

See you when I’m a ‘Master’ 🙂