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Happy in my new home

Here I am, finally, settling into my new home… stitched.bymel.com. Should be staying here, I hope. RSS feeds working now, due to much fixing up by OtherHalf last night.

Other changes – I installed plugins BAStats and Links Page, both by Owen Winkler. BAStats lets me see who you are 😉 , and Links Page is a nifty little script allowing links to be filtered by category – I’ve popped it into the Blogroll static page, and shifted my blogroll off the main page for now. I also shifted my stash Wishlist over here from the tinroofmedia domain – so now Mum will know where to find it 😆

On another stitching note, all the ezBoards are having major problems, and I can’t post replies to any of the threads about the new Mirabilia right now. But aside from the pretty extreme wings (she’s supposed to fly with those? 😯 ), I like her. I’d probably modify the wings a bit – maybe just that top green part would work?

Oh, and a very final thing. For those nice people posting comments (thank you btw 😳 ), you should know that you only have to be ‘moderated’ just the once. Once you’ve had one comment OK’d, subsequent comments should go through without a hassle 🙂